A more toned silhouette: good reflexes

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A more toned silhouette: good reflexes

Before the shower, I stimulate microcirculation

As you probably know, exfoliation is a great way to restart the machine. As soon as you undress, rub on dry skin. Using a body scrub or a scrubbing wipe, make circular motions wider and wider. Start with the ankles and go back to the thighs. This gesture also helps to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. By eliminating them, you offer the applied assets thereafter the chance to penetrate better. Then go in the shower.

Soapy, I'm full of energy

Make your shower sparkle with energizing fragrances, which give you a boost when you wake up. To you the citrus scents, but never at the expense of mild formulas for the skin. Pour them in the palm of your hand, smell them to give you a boost and then apply them on wet skin and massage to lather. Always finish with a jet of cold water, ankles to the thighs, to tone the skin and restart the microcirculation. If after that, you do not want to dance in the rain ...

At any time, I abuse anti-cellulite massage

No way to escape if you want to reshape the silhouette and undermine its curves. Good gestures? At Payot, it is advisable to heat the skin by performing ascending maneuvers supported with the pulp of the fingers. Then apply the slimming product hands flat, by circular strokes from bottom to top. Against cellulite, continue with pinching between the thumb and other fingers. You can, if you wish, help you with accessories.

After the toilet, I put on assets firmness

For daily use and vigorous application on cleansed skin, slimming creams contain ingredients that help reshape the silhouette and tone the skin. Choice of pink berry to erase cellulite, detoxifying red alga that promotes the elimination of fat, escin encouraging drainage, mate to boost lipolysis. Do not hesitate to apply your product morning and evening, or combine a day care and a night.

Before getting dressed, I spray a tonic water

Get inspired by spa and thalasso rituals: wrap yourself from head to toe with an invigorating scented veil. Choice of mint floral water, which refreshes it and gives a good boost, a mist full of moisturizing and refreshing active ingredients, which diffuses all its properties on the skin or a marine spray that mimics the action of spray.

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