#Acnepositivity: assume his acne becomes trend on Instagram

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#Acnepositivity: assume his acne becomes trend on Instagram

After the hashtag #bodypositive, with the aim of helping women to accept their body as it is and to say stop at the dictates of the thinness, another hashtag was born: #acnepositivity.

This is the new trend that agitates Instagram. The principle ? Post a Photo of his facewithout makeup so that the buttons are visible. An amazing fashion at a time when, on the social network, most users want to show their best day and use software retouching.

The purpose of #acnepositivity? Assume your acne and skin problems in front of everyone. Buttons and comedones are often a source of complex and of criticism, especially among teens.

Be proud of yourself

Here, people affected by acne are proud to reveal their faces. This allows to demystify it and to show that having buttons is not a fatalityit's even normal. Suffering from acne should not rhyme with complex, but with self-confidence.

People who post cliches trust in their fight against acne and the comments collected on most of the photos are very positive. Like the one under freethepimple photo: "Thank you for posting this. It is wonderful to see so much honesty. Acne is powerful, but we are strong too. "

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