Aloe vera gel, how to use it in beauty?

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Aloe vera gel, how to use it in beauty?

1 / Pur to moisturize

The gel from the aloe vera leaf is rich in vitamins and trace elements : beneficial components for all skin types. That's why you can apply it directly to your face or body to deeply moisturize. Little more: this care 100% natural has a tensor effect, ideal for energizing the area around the eye, for example. For a more effect freshyou can put your bottle in the fridge, and it will keep better.

2 / In ingredient in masks

If you are a fan of natural masks,aloe vera is for you. Its gel can be used in many recipes cleansing for the face. To counter blackheads, mix one teaspoon charcoal with the same amount of gel. Then apply all on the area concerned (often the T zone, nose, chin and forehead) and leave for 10 minutes maximum. Rinse thoroughly: you're done.

You can also mix it with honey andvegetable oil non-comedogenic (sweet almond, jojoba ...) to make a moisturizer.

3 / In scrub for the body

Nothing like a homemade scrub with aloe vera to remove dead skin very soflty. To achieve this inexpensive care, you just need to mix a tablespoon of sugar with two tablespoons of gel. Then massage the area of ​​your chosen body and rinse. Result: the skin is smooth and fresh.

4 / In after-sun care

The virtues soothing Aloe vera do wonders on sunburn. Apply it pure directly on the place damaged by the UV rays, it brings a feeling of freshness. But above all, the gel also accelerates the cell renewal, which allows a faster healing.

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