And if we adopted the white coat, star of the season?

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And if we adopted the white coat, star of the season?

Snow white, off-white or off-white. This winter is chic and elegant. The white coat is the piece to wear to be at the forefront of the latest winter trends. This garment, sometimes dressed now casual, does not go unnoticed. Toned or mixed with ecru, the white coat promises a refined effect without fault note.

Why give in to the trend of the white coat?

1. Celebrities are conquered. Often, you will draw your fashion inspiration from the side of the planet people. This is not always a bad idea. And as usual, the beautiful Duchess of Sussex opened the festivities. When Announcing her engagement with Prince Harry in November 2017, Meghan Markle was simply divine in a pristine belted coat. And this year, it seems that the trend of the white coat persists. December 4th, our beautiful Julia Roberts had opted for a fluffy coat White. Stylish ideas to stitch them urgently for a winter of the most cozy!

2. All coat cuts adopted it. Winter is already well underway, the most chilly fashionistas will opt for coats warm and comforting. They will always be able to add to their clothing collection a very elegant oversize long coat wool or faux fur. The corduroy jackets have also succumbed to the sweetness of white. And if this color is synonymous with cold and snow, what better than a down jacket orparka in which you lover and spend a most warm season.

3.The white coat lends itself to all circumstances. At work and in the evening, the white coat can be as elegant as it is casual. The trench coat white, to the effect businesswoman, will be ideal for an unexpected meeting or a romantic evening while the biker jacket with fake fur collar will lend itself perfectly for a stylish and laid-back weekend. Dare the immaculate day and night!

How to wear the white coat?

White is a summer color only? Prejudice! Summer and winter, the white coat braves all seasons and knows how to find a place of brand to each of your clothing desires.

On its own, the white coat will breathe touch of elegance to your outfit casual Daily. With your total black look in leather pants, blouse and high-heeled ankle boots, the long blazer cut coat will give a refined look of working-girl to this laid-back ensemble. You are a unconditional jeans ? You can very well put on your favorite piece with a turtleneck sweater, and a fluffly coat White. Effect cocooning and sophisticated assured!

Under his angelic airs, the white can also play rebellious. Fashionist rock'n glam can also find happiness by adopting a jacket white leather perfecto style. What better than a long skirt or plaid pants for a more electrifying fashion look!

For the more daring, you can opt for the total white look. And mastering a monochrome look turns out to be quite an art. In order to avoid the fashion faux-pas, we do not hesitate to leave his flare pants and one sweater in large mesh, all worn with a coat white with a well-cut straight cut for a balanced silhouette. To give a little pep to this heavenly outfit, you can always combine two different shades of white. Pure white and off-white meet perfectly ! Finally, to be at the forefront of fashion, we take out white boots, great trend of the season.

Finally, if you want to look more sporty-chic, put on your pair ofwhite sneakers with a white jean 7 / 8th and a long coat in the bathrobe spirit. You'll be ready to brave with style the cold, or even the first flakes, of winter.

And you, for what white coat will you melt? Find our trendy selection for this winter.

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