Ankle boots: the trendy pair of shoes for a rock and glamorous winter

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Ankle boots: the trendy pair of shoes for a rock and glamorous winter

"Small nails, small nails, still small nails.". This is not the punch of lilacs, sung by Gainsbourg, who hit the fashion world but the famous boot. This season she is provocative, glamorous, rock'n roll but mostly nails ! A trendy and ideal piece to shift your looks and awaken your rebellious spirit.

Ankle boots: the rock star of the season

Leather, bridles and a lot of nails. For this fall-winter season, the boot is not conventional. On the contrary, she dreams more of Harley Davidson, jacket perfecto style and electric guitar chords. It's a rain of nails that fell on the radius boots. Discreet or predominant, these metal chips are sprinkled the end of the shoes in delicate arabesques or all along the zipper. A refined detail that brings a touch of glamor to this pair of trendy boots. The proof is, the it-girl have already made a must-have piece in their shoe closet.

But once the rhythms rock'n roll thrown, the nails dissipate and become rebellious. Completely covering the boot or dressing the double flanges, silver or gold metal shines a thousand lights and boosts the pace of these essential shoes. To keep the spirit Rolling Stone, the boot opts for colors with sober and glam 'sounds. Dark Black, Burgundy Red, and Anthracite Grayeach will find leather at his feet. And for those who are not great followers of this subject, the studded boot can also play it folk. For a bit of softness, this trendy shoe adopts nubuck in warmer colors like khaki, camel or brown.

Once these flat or high heels pavements, you can take out your bike and undertake in style the crossing of the mythical route 66.

Ankle boots: how to wear them?

If you have a rebellious spirit, have fun with these boots! Jeansdestroy, a close-fitting sweater and a blazer jacketoversized, here is the ideal outfit to accentuate the rock side. If you are a big fan of Sex Pistolsit is always possible to adopt the punk rock style. A shirt Scottish print over a slim black well cut, this pair of ankle boots will bring a touch of bling-bling to this set in mind So British.

Rock'n glam 'in studded boots, it's possible ! For the most adventurous fashion models you can match them with a sequined dress, a pink powdered tulle skirt or a little black dress. By shifting the libertarian spirit of these boots, show you that in terms of style you are not that wise.

Finally, who said that nails could not be romantic? In order to break the rock side of these studded boots, combine them with a long dress bohemian spirit below a Perfecto style leather jacket. Like what nails are not only compatible with the Gothic look.

So put on your oiled boots and wake up the rock and glamor fashionista that lies dormant in you! For that, discover quickly our selection to spend a winter with punk and rebellious rhythms.

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