Anti-aging, anti-imperfections … Bacteria would be good for the skin

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Anti-aging, anti-imperfections ... Bacteria would be good for the skin

The skin is covered with bacteria : good, who participate in its good functioning, and bad, which they can cause damage. Take care of his microbiota, ie all the bacteria present on the surface of the epidermis, help to have a better skin and regulate the inflammatory processes. Why else should you take care of your microbiota? We tell you everything.

To erase imperfections

The bacteria responsible for acne hide in the pores of the skin and in the channels that carry the sebum. The hormonal changes during the cycle or stress phases sometimes trigger an overproduction of sebum and therefore a proliferation of these bacteria causing the appearance of imperfections.

To remedy this, one must opt ​​for formulas that contain prebiotics, considered as the food of good bacteria. These prebiotics can for example be Actibiome or Bioécolia, or else complexes that mimic the effect of probiotics (good bacteria) to maintain thebalance of skin flora and therefore limit the appearance of imperfections. Formulas that combine lactic acid (produced by bacteria) are also recommended: very gentle, it delicately exfoliates the skin and provides an anti-black dots action.

To calm redness

When'eco-system of the skin is unbalanced, it no longer plays its role anti-inflammatory correctly. The proliferation of bad bacteria is accelerating, which can create a hypersensitivity skin. The skin then starts to overreact to the aggressions of everyday life: the phenomena of flush or localized redness multiply.

We must therefore opt for formulas that are successful in maintaining the good bacteria of the skin in sufficient numbers and in healthy to avoid inflammation. So bet on complex creams containing prebiotics like BioEcolia that works miracles. It's even better when combined with soothing plant extracts like aloe vera, calendula or hyssop.

To slow aging

The "Inflam'aging", one of the causes of skin aging the most pointed, is a direct consequence of our lifestyle increasingly stressful and exposed to different types of pollution. And when we know that the microbiota is one of the invisible armor of the skin in the face of such aggressions, it is easy to understand what role these small bacteria can have on the protection of the skin. youth capital !

Many anti-aging treatments already use probiotic derivatives, such as bifidus, to strengthen the microbiota. They are often combined with traditional anti-aging stars such as antioxidant Baïcaline, plumping hyaluronic acid or caffeine anti-pocket to act at the level of the gaze.

To reconnect with comfort

Research has shown that people suffering from cutaneous dryness have a less diverse bacterial flora than people with normal skin (according to La Roche-Posay laboratories). It would therefore suffice to evolve this flora to restore the bacterial diversity of healthy skin, and thus return to comfort and serenity.

Extracts of bacteria such as Aqua Posae Filiformis have an important role as they stimulate growth some bacteria and normalize the microflora of the skin. You find them in soothing formulas associated with thermal waters whose trace element content, such as selenium, is a plus.

To boost the shine

Some bacteria also have an action antioxidant and allow the skin to stimulate its mechanisms of natural defenses, to regenerate faster and thus to find a maximum of brightness. Taking care of your microbiota could be a plus to help urban skin to lift their veil dull.

Which formulas used? Fluids or serums enriched with probiotics like lysates of lactobacillus pentos, to dope the skin's defenses. Most of these formulas are also full of pro-radiance active ingredients such as vegetable oils rich in vitamin E, peptides, or even hyaluronic acid. ultra-moisturizing.

Thanks to Sophie Seite, International Scientific Director La Roche-Posay.

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