Anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-imperfection: which sun cream to choose this summer?

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Anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-imperfection: which sun cream to choose this summer?

When it comes to sun protection, vacationers are more concerned with practicality and pleasure than public health issues. The challenge for cosmetics brands? Transform this preventive gesture glamorous ritual, practical or fun, to encourage applications. To achieve this, their laboratories compete with ingenuity. Many ranges bring today a little more that changes everything: a profit anti-aging, active tanning accelerator, specific formulas for athletes or fun modes of application for children. It only remains to choose the one that suits you best!

I want to tan a little faster

The tanning process puts 48 hours before snapping... a duration that may seem long if you only have a few days. Your allies? The solar protections that stimulate melanin synthesis (pigment that colors the skin), with specific complexes based on tyrosine, sesame, tamanu, or with ingredients borrowed from self-tanners, such as erythrulose, for raise the tan faster. To start the process and help the skin to take colors faster, you can expose yourself to daily 10 minutes, a few days before departure.

I want a moisturizing action in addition

Prolonged exposure to the sun can destructure the function of the cutaneous barrier. Clearly: the water inside evaporates more quickly and the skin dries out. To avoid feelings of discomfort, some formulas incorporate moisturizing ingredientssuch as glycerine, hyaluronic acid or amino acid derivatives, which strengthen the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor, natural factor of hydration) of the skin. To complete the action of these solar products, treat yourself to an oasis break in the evening, at least once a week, by letting a mask Quenching.

I want an anti-aging protection

UV being responsible for 90% of the signs of agingto turn to a formula with extra protection "anti-aging" is an excellent reflex youth. In addition to sunscreens, these products contain antioxidants and active ingredients borrowed from traditional anti-aging facial formulas, such as elastoprotectin, for limit the appearance of wrinkles and avoid accelerating sagging skin. Protecting the face is good, but do not forget the eye area! This area is very fragile and often neglected. The wearing of sunglasses must be the first reflex, but know that there are also specific solar products to put the eye under high protection.

I want to play sports with peace of mind

Running, tennis or swimming, during sport sessions, perspiration and water can alter the effectiveness of protection. To avoid the sunburn, bet on specific ultra-resistant formulas, equipped with technology like the Wet Force, which strengthens the anti-UV film in contact with water or perspiration, or textures that wick away sweat once it is on the surface of the skin. Apply sunscreens before getting dressed and going out, to be sure to protect all exposed areas when playing sports.

I want a foolproof solution for my children

The priorities : the ultra-resistance to water and a 50 + index. Side filters, if your child has allergic tendencies, mineral filters are more appropriate, otherwise the classic formulas will protect perfectly. Prefer a fun application mode, like a colorful roll-on or some spray-guns, to make them want to repeat the operation several times a day. Do not hesitate to overprotect the shoulders, nose, upper back and ears, which are often more exposed in children.

I want to fight imperfections

Skin prone to acne and small pimples often experience a little truce during the summer. Indeed, the sun attacks the bacteria of the epidermis, including C.Acnes, responsible for the pimples, so that the quality of the skin improves. Added to this is a "mechanical" reaction of the epidermis, which thickens to protect itself from UV. On the other hand, the production of sebum increases considerably during the exposure, which gives rise to shine. Unfortunately, at the end of the holidays, the buttons reappear more beautiful. The solution : solar products with non-greasy texture, who fight against excess sebum. The top? While they contain purifying agents (zinc) to fight against imperfections and have a slightly exfoliating action, for fight against the thickening of the skin and prevent the rebound effect.

I want a refreshing effect

Under a blazing sun, hard to resist the intense heat. Labs are doing great things to make formulas that provide a feeling of freshness when applying. Some even have the power to do lower the skin temperature by 2 ° C thanks to an aqueous texture and ultra-fine mist diffusion. They contain ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut water, alcohol or menthol, which contribute to this refreshing effect and encourages the reapplication of the protective product often. The hotter we are, the more we are tempted to renew the sprays to cool off... and the better we are protected.

I want to avoid brown spots

Due to UV exposure, the melanocytes are racing and the distribution of melanin is no longer homogeneous. It clumps in clusters and the Brown stains appear on the most exposed areas like the back of the hands, the cleavage and the face. To fight against this phenomenon, it is better to avoid the sun and adopt high protection from the first beautiful days then throughout the holidays. It can sometimes be coupled with lightening agents, which directly target hyperpigmentation. This is the case of ingredients such as sucrose, vitamin C, turmeric or licorice extract, which help regulate the production of melanin. For an immediate unifying effect, opt for a tinted formula.

I want to protect my scars

To perfectly close and become imperceptible, scars need to be perfectly protected from the sun. If they are less than six months old, UV can cause inflammation and hyperpigmentation. It is essential to protect them with clothes, and for the face, with a hat with broad edges. Know that even if the scars are older, they remain sensitive. Cover them with a care with SPF 50 + filter. Favor textures that ensure a consistent application, such as sticks, that do not need to be spread with your fingers and form a real protective film on the surface of the skin and act as a barrier against UV. They resist sweat, rubbing, sand and do not flow.

I want to preserve the environment

Solar products are accused of harm the seabed and cause coral bleaching. Involved, some sunscreens (such as oxybenzone or octinoxate). In an effort to preserve the planet, laboratories are increasingly ensuring that their formulas are not harmful to underwater wildlife. Some favor mineral screens. Others have their products tested to ensure they do not impact the aquatic environment. Some even offer 99% biodegradable formulas... Of course, in an even more ecological concern, prefer products packed in recycled plastic, it's even better.

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