Anti-aging: our tips for a younger look

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Anti-aging: our tips for a younger look

Goodbye to the pockets

Between short nights and small excesses, water tends to accumulate in the delicate area under the eyes. To avoid retention, try sleeping on your back, drink plenty of water and adopt a draining treatment to apply morning and evening in light tapping. The good gesture? From the corner of the eye and back to the temples. To decongest effectively after a sorrow or a sleep so long that it left you puffy eyes, wrap ice cubes in absorbent paper. Make a few trips to revive the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Never again dark circles

The dark circles are often hereditary, especially in the Mediterranean, but the morphology of the cheekbones also plays a role in their visibility: the higher they are and bulging the more one seems surrounded. Their hue from yellow to dark blue tends to turn off the look and look tired even when you feel rested. Your allies to fade them? Formulas incorporating decongestant assets like arnica, witch hazel, caffeine or ruscus. But the best enemy of the ring remains sleep: the secret of a fresh look is to sleep well.

Clear crow's feet

These little wrinkles appear at the outer corners of the eyes around the age of thirty and increase over time and emotions. To blur them when they become too marked and prevent their aggravation, they must be filled. Using a treatment or patches formulas based on hyaluronic acid and active ingredients capable of reviving the synthesis of collagen. If hydration "infusion" is one of the keys to their disappearance, also pay attention to protect the sun's area because UV rays relentlessly dig the wrinkle. Finally, wear your glasses if you need it because eye fatigue creates fine lines before the time ...

SOS refined eyelashes

Lack of density, length, brittle fiber: lack of nourishment and protection, eyelashes can end up show signs of fatigue which immediately impact the gaze. The solution ? These care enriched with ceramides, vitamin B5 and castor oil. They coat the eyelash and allow to lengthen it while stimulating its growth. Presented in the form of mascara or brush, they apply every evening flush with the bangs after proper makeup removal. The improvement is visible after 3 weeks, be patient…

Lifting eyelids

When they relax, they tend to more or less cover the eyelid mobile, which gives a tired look to the face and hinders the makeup. The solution for the muscles? Offer them a care capable of stimulate collagen production and elastin but also redensifying the eyelid superior to help combat the effects of gravity. Want an immediate result? Bet on a product enriched in polymers Tensors to stretch the skin and open the eyes in the blink of an eye!

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