Baby Boomer: the trendy manicure that hits the mark on social networks

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Baby Boomer: the trendy manicure that hits the mark on social networks

The Baby Boomer, kesako?

This trend straight from the United States is well known to manicure experts. But for some time she has been making buzz on social networks: the hashtag #babyboomernails has already been used more than 300,000 times. The principle ? To create a color gradient going from pale pink to whitelike a french manicure revisited. Exit the thick white line to the clear and precise demarcation, the fashion is to blur this border !

The effect is more discreetbut free to embellish the traditional Baby Boomer with glitter to add on the end of your nail, rhinestones or other colors. For example instead of starting from a pinkish baseyou can opt for beige or glossy brown. You can also chooseintensity of colors : it's up to you to decide if you want white to take up more space than powdery pink, where to start the gradient ... You have a choice!

A professional technique

In order for the Baby Boomer's fade to be clearly visible, the nails must have a minimum length : otherwise the effect would be missed and you may end up with an ordinary nude varnish.

It is also advisable to to go to institute because it is only done with semi-permanent varnish or gel: creating a gradient as light with conventional varnish would be too complicated. It dries too quickly and is not so malleable.

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