Back to 2019: 15 ideas for curly hair

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Back to 2019: 15 ideas for curly hair

Adopt the right haircut

Curly hair needs to be highlighted with a suitable haircut to their natural movement. And to give spring to the undulations and boost the volume of loops in roots, nothing likea nice cut gradient.

The ideal: the gradient square which offers perfect length for curly hair, whether thin or thick. It can be degraded to face borders for a subtle rendering or on the whole of the hair for a maximum effect volume and of the waves even more defined.

We also fall for the degraded mid-length cuts which may be suitable for curly hair a little thicker. Finally, the short cuts are also very pretty on curly hair, provided that they retain a little length at the neck and sides of the face.

Our ideas of hairstyles for the return

To highlight curly hair, the ideal is to play on contrasts leaving some of her hair loose. This can be, for example, a half ponytail or half bun bun. You can also make African braids on the top of your skull and then leave the rest of the lengths loose. What to highlight your ripples while having a sophisticated hairstyle.

Feel free to rework your ripples with a curling iron, between two shampoos, to bring them a more worked form and reinforce their shine. You can also texturize them with a wax or gel, to give them a wet look. Finally, do not hesitate to bet on accessories such as a headband, a bar or bobby pins.

Find our hairstyle ideas for back to school for curly hair

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In video, our ideas of one-shoulder hairstyles:

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