Ballerinas: tips and trendy novelties to wear with style!

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Ballerinas: tips and trendy novelties to wear with style!

Adored or hated, the ballerina has been shaking the fashion world since the 1950s. A question animates all fashionistas: can we, yes or no, wear this pair of shoes? Some will answer with a categorical no and will see there a fashion faux pas. While others will consider them more as the symbol of elegance and French chic. Difficult to decide then on this fashion debate, already very concerned by the triumphant return of the cyclist for the spring / summer season.

Originally designed for star dancers and made famous by the brand Repetto, the flat classic ballerinas with rounded neckline are the pair of shoes that all the icons of yé-yé years were tearing off. Who other than Brigitte Bardot, sex symbol of those years, to make these shoes famous? This pair of shoes both light and comfortable also seduced Gabriel Chanel who, in 1957, created a two-color model. These black ballerinas with a black tip quickly became a unavoidable double house C. Elegant, refined and easy to put on, the ballerina becomes an indispensable fashion.

Too flat, too uniform or too simple, the fashionistas turn away from the ballerina. To the point of making, after the years 2000, a fashion piece ranked in the category of fashion faux pas. For some time the influencers, and especially Meghan Marklebegin to adopt them. Bye rounded tip and solid colors, Neo-ballerina place for stylish and casual looks.

The trends at the ballerina department

After abandoning the pair of ballerinas, it's high time to dust off your shoe closet! Today, this pair of shoes is modern, original and especially trendy. This season, the ballerina has a very sharp style, like the cut. With laces or flanges, she offers a little rock side decorated with rhinestones and other jewels on the front giving him rebellious airs. For this summer, she releases the big cats and wants to be biting by adopting the prints python, leopard and crocodile.

And if you do not want to get out of nails, even if they decorate the front of the shoe, you can always be tempted by a classic pair with a round toe decorated with an elegant little bow. Therefore, have fun by varying the colors: blood orange, pink fuchsiamustard yellow or royal blue, there is something for everyone. Brilliant or mast, flashy or vinyl, she is a new youth.

Concerned about his title of elegant shoes, the ballerina returns to very models sixties. Perched on a three-centimeter heel or flat, this lame leather shoe returns to the front of the stage. But out of the question to be too vintage ! Powdery pink and metallic gold come to delicately pose for a summery and romantic look.

How to wear the ballerina with style?

Trend in ballerina? It's possible ! For a country and romantic look, the little pair of golden laminated leather will do the trick with a mini skirt wallet with floral print, great trend of the season. All with a white tee shirt below the essential Jean jacketyou will be chewed in this very summery look.

Even though dad shoes or the inevitable pair of white sneakers are the must-have of the season, get out of your shoe closet a pair of suede ballerina. For a casual and chic outfit, these shoes will go perfectly with the trendy jean mom rolled up at the bottom. With a blouse embroidered, you're stylish for a day under the sign of relaxation.

And for a rock'n glam sidechoose a pair of lace-up or flanged ballerinas to accompany a shirt dress white or striped sky blue. So that the rebel effect is maximum, get out of the dressing your timeless jacket perfecto style.

Do not be ashamed to put on your pair of ballerinas and break the prejudices! Find the pair that will make you change your mind about these shoes with our stylish shopping selection !

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