Banana bag: 5 tips to wear with style this star accessory of the season

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Banana bag: 5 tips to wear with style this star accessory of the season

In the shoulder or around the waist, the banana bag marks its big comeback. Star of the 90s, it was unthinkable to go out without this accessory to the flexible and elongated shape. Today, the zipped bag comes back in strength and adapts to your outfits as well casual than your most chic looks. And yes, this year, the belt bag is no longer just for tourists recognizable by their selfie pole. So, are you going to be convinced by this revival ? All our tips and tricks to wear with style and without a priori the star accessory of the season.

Banana bag: we vary the shapes

For his comeback, the banana bag has a new youth. Bye the elongated form and hello to the Oval or rectangular bag. Always practical, these various forms make it possible to have everything at your fingertips. You can then have fun by wearing on the shoulder or waist above yourtrenchor of your blazer jacket. If you have more bohemian spirit, you can always mark the size of your long dress with a camel belt bag. And for the hardcore fans of the classic banana bag, you can always bring out your model nineties of your wardrobe. This will bring a touch vintage to your outfit oversize sweatshirt.

Banana bag: we adopt different materials

This year, the bag is not as cold as this early autumn. The banana bag gradually leaves the thick material of the leather for a little softness. Some models opt for the softness of corduroy or the heat of tweed. Sophisticated textures that bring a touch of elegance and chic to this accessory considered as nerdy. And if you are a fan of leather accessories, nothing prevents you to choose a stylish model double bag that you can wear with a suit and a nice pair of pumps. Who said that the banana bag could not be classy and modern?

Banana bag: we have fun with printed

Who says accessory fashionable, says at the forefront of the latest trends. Although long left in the bottom of your closet, the banana bag was able to catch up and adopt patterns in vogue. For this season, the belt bag plays so british seizing the Prince of Wales. Ideal to bring a rock'n roll note to your look in perfecto style jacket, slim black and studded boots.

No longer wanting to be summed up to a conventional accessory, this bag takes the bet to be a little more wild and feline by appropriating the leopard print. Finally, you will not be able to say that the belt bag lacks bite, since for this season it shows the fangs by capturing the crocodile effect.

Bag banana: we dare the color

The greyness comes but it's not an excuse to get out of bags with drab colors like black or navy blue. For this season, we cheer up our looks with this accessory that will give banana to your autumn sets. Red, orange, pink, green or glitter, the belt bag does not take itself seriously. The banana is a new colorful and variegated youth. A way to bring a little femininity to this accessory looks rather masculine. In order to fight against the cold winter, you have released your sweater dress and your pair of black nubuck thigh boots. What better than a mustard yellow or electric blue belt bag to bring a little pep's to this set.

Bag banana: we play the card of staggered looks

The banana bag is no longer just about style sportwears. This fall, he is dispelled and slip into unlikely outfits. For an effect sporty-chic, the belt bag will perfectly accompany the suit, another great trend of the season. And if your wardrobe is rather casual, this accessory will refine your look high-waisted jeans, blouse and blazer jacket. Finally, if you're nostalgic for your college or high school years, you can still wear a classic style over a white T-shirt and pants boyfriend. Always for or against the return of the banana bag?

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