Beautiful nails

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Beautiful nails

I really want to have beautiful, well-groomed hands and even more want the nails to also match them: so well-groomed, beautiful and strong.
But if your nails do not correspond to your ideals and desires, there is no need to despair. Thanks to modern technology nail extension – it is very easy to make your dreams come true.

Acrylic nails
can be done on tips or on forms. Due to the strength and ductility of the material acrylic nails are thin and beautiful.

In addition to acrylic, there is a technology nail extension, which is based on the use of gels (gel nail extension). Gel nails are also modeled on tips or forms. Under the influence of a special UV lamp, a durable coating forms on the nails. Being under the polymer, the nail is not deprived of the ability to breathe, retains its structure and elasticity.
When you really want to have gorgeous long nails, and your own, when they reach a certain length, begin to break safely, you should not be upset. Not your own, so artificial! For this, they invented nail extension.
Extension of nails using modeling with various materials, the most popular of which today are acrylic mass and a special durable gel (or resin). As a result of this build-up, flexible and strong, elastic and resilient nails are obtained. Acrylic nails, as well as gel, are performed on forms and tips.
The first option is possible only in cases where there is a free edge of the nail, which is lengthened. With the help of a special shape, which is placed under the nail plate, a continuation of a real nail is created. After the nail has been lengthened, another layer of mass is applied on top to make the transition invisible, and the nail plate is as resistant to external influences as possible.
The acrylic mass hardens quickly. Outwardly, with a good performance of the work, it is impossible to distinguish it from a real nail. With the help of special powders, which are added to the mass, the nail is given a natural color. The advantage of acrylic is that it is easy to remove. With the help of a special solvent, the mass dissolves and is easily removed. The disadvantage of acrylic mass is its “dental” smell, which then disappears.

The gel also perfectly simulates real healthy nails thanks to its smooth shine. It hardens on forms or tips under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. But, once cracked, it is not repaired – you will have to make a new one. It is difficult to get rid of gel nails – only with the help of cutting it is possible to remove the frozen gel.

The second way to create artificial nails involves the use of tips – a blank in the shape of the nail. Tips are usually made from the same materials that are used for “extension”. They are strengthened with the same materials. Usually this technology is used when the nail has no free edge.

The results of nail extension look great and last for a long time: from 3 to 4 months, with monthly correction. If the gel was applied to your nail, the border between it and the nail is adjusted, the length of the nail is filed to the desired size, the thickness is about half, and on the remaining half the same is done as in the first extension procedure. The presence of the tips obliges you to adjust it in length and apply a new layer of gel. The gel cannot be removed with a solvent, so the craftsmen use either files or hardware nozzles.

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Pros of acrylic nails

  • If you break an acrylic nail, you can almost always repair it, even yourself.
  • Acrylic is a very durable material. When the extension is done correctly, appropriate care and timely correction are made, the nails can be worn for a long time. They are really reliable.
  • The removal process is simple and uncomplicated if it is done by a nail extension master. It is better to wash off nails with a special solvent than to cut them off. Although it is difficult to call this an absolute plus, it is rather a feature of acrylic nails. The fact is that if a thick layer of acrylic is applied, it will dissolve for several hours, and when cutting, acrylic can become very hot and burn the nail bed.

Pros of gel nails

  • Gel nails often look more natural and glossy than acrylic nails.
  • The polymerization process is faster than that of acrylic, sometimes just two minutes with light curing.
  • Gel components do not smell and do not emit toxic substances.
  • They require less filing during the building process.

Cons of acrylic nails

  • With acrylic extensions, your nail is more susceptible to negative effects than with gel extensions. Acrylic penetrates deep into the nail plate, which in itself is not useful, it also creates additional difficulties when cutting and correcting.
  • Acrylic nails can look artificial rather than natural, or even rude if done incorrectly.
  • After wearing acrylic nails for a long time, the nail plate is depleted. Therefore, additional procedures are required when removing nails, and special care after.
  • The solvents used in the formation of artificial nails are quite toxic. This is harmful to both the client and the master.

Cons of gel nails

  • They are not as long and durable as acrylic, although they tend to be more expensive.
  • Gel nails harder to do for yourself if you do it yourself.
  • If the gel nail breaks, you may be in some trouble. Most likely, the artificial nail will partially move away from the surface of the natural nail or crack. It is not always possible to repair a damaged gel nail yourself. You will need to sign up for the procedure with our administrator. In this situation, we try to fulfill the order as quickly as possible.
  • Gel nails should almost always be filed off. You cannot just wash them off with a special product, as is the case with acrylics.

But, in order not to disturb the health of your own nails, you should not walk with tips or acrylic all the time. Vacation breaks or a couple of weeks can be taken while your own nails are resting. Some experts recommend not to disturb the natural process of nail growth and remove artificial nails after two weeks to monitor the condition of the nail.

After “building up” nails require careful care. First, of course, you need to get used to doing ordinary household manipulations with such nails: buttoning up buttons, pressing keys and much more. Avoid knocks – you can damage your nail, and do all household chores with rubber gloves. It is also worth carrying nail glue in your purse – the crack formed for some reason can always be sealed, keeping the nail before correction. Artificial nails can be painted with ordinary varnishes, which are recommended to be removed with an oil-based, acetone-free liquid. If desired, artificial nails can be filed with fine-abrasive (by no means iron!) Files and sanded.

Beautiful nails

Extension of nails has a number of contraindications:

  • it is not recommended to extend nails during a course of antibiotics or chemotherapy. At this moment, acetone is released in the human body, which contributes to the rejection of nails.
  • an absolute (albeit temporary) contraindication for building up is a fungal infection of the nails.
  • and the cuticle should not be damaged before the procedure. It is better to do a trim manicure either two or three days before the procedure, or after it, and not literally before building. Unedged does not impose such restrictions.

Well done build-up, and later correction and removing artificial coatings does not cause any harm to their own nails.

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