Beauty: I am the queen of alterations!

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Beauty: I am the queen of alterations!

I have dilated pores

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and the pores have a little trouble tightening. Result, even the makeup is not enough to fade. In the morning, after cleaning your face, wipe it off with a glove or towel soaked in ice water. The cold will have a little constrictor effect. Then, after applying your day cream and just before the foundation, use a special dilated pores base, which fades the irregularities, matifies and absorbs the excess sebum. In addition, it has a blur effect due to its texture or ingredients such as acacia that erase the reliefs and fill gaps. You can also put back during the day, to refresh your complexion between two appointments.

My varnish has flaked

Household chores hurt our manicures. If you need to correct a specific area where the color has disappeared, remove some solvent with the fingertip or with a brush, then gently massage the affected area. You can also use a marker marker. Once your small cleaning done, put a thin layer of varnish on all the surface of the nail. Finish with top coat, making sure to apply it to the edge of the nail to seal the color. You win one to two days of dress.

My roots are starting to grow again

Two or three weeks after your coloring, your white hair is pointing again. Before your next color (to avoid overloading the hair with pigments, it is better to wait five weeks between two appointments), you can camouflage unsightly roots by cheating with a formula that eliminates washing or brushing. If you have some wicks to hide, use a special mascara roots, which make-up hair wick. If you have a lot of white threads, prefer a spray that diffuses a colored powder. The advice: before doing your colo, wash your hair well to eliminate the residues of products, they could alter the catch of color.

I have shiny skin

If your complexion starts to glow after lunch, draw a matte paper pre-impregnated with powder to tap locally to absorb the excess sebum. You can then make up again if you wish. Be careful, if your skin is shining because you have taken a hot shot and you sweat, just absorb the water with a tissue. You can then powder with a translucent powder, to avoid demarcations.

Fatigue marks my features

You have a bad sleep or need a vacation? During the day, the shadows of your face tend to be marked: dark circles and nasolabial folds darken. Fine lines are widening. To erase them, slip in your handbag a light pen, which illuminates all these dark points as if by magic. With the brush tip or foam tip, drop some material and then melt it with your finger, until this part lights up.

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