Bed bugs: 5 precautions to protect yourself

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Bed bugs: 5 precautions to protect yourself

How to protect yourself from bed bugs?

- Pay attention to second-hand objects. Furniture found in flea market or garage sale, found on the internet or any object that has been given to you may present a risk. Bed bug larvae can nest anywhere, even in books. Clean them thoroughly with soapy water or disinfectants.

-Well maintain his place of residence. Cracks in walls, peeling wallpaper, skirting boards and carpets, crumbling paint ... are potentially places where bedbug larvae can settle.

-React quickly. If you notice bedbugs, give the alert quickly and tell the trustee, the owner of the unit or hotel. To act quickly is essential to slow down their expansion and get rid of it.

Bed fleas: the good habits to adopt while traveling

At the hotel, homestay, vacation rental ... whatever the type of accommodation that is adopted on a trip, it is better to be careful not to risk bringing bed bugs home. Some smart tips:

-Do not put your suitcase under the bed. It is better to prefer a place farther from the bed and places of rest.

-Clean your luggage carefully. If you think you have been in contact with bedbugs, it is imperative to carry out a large cleaning as soon as you come home: go to the bathroom and thoroughly clean your suitcases in the shower or bath, taking care to brush the zipper of these (a potential hiding place for bedbugs and their larvae). The contents of the bag must also be washed, preferably at 60 °.

Thanks to Jean-Michel Bérenger, entomologist.

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