Bed bugs: our essential tips to avoid bringing home

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Bed bugs: our essential tips to avoid bringing home

Bedbugs: the precautions to take on each trip

-Always inspect your resort, be it a hotel, a rental housing or other. Pay attention to the bedroom: mattresses, pillows, and box springs, but also storage furniture such as cupboards, dressers and dressings, which are hiding places of choice for bed bugs.

-Avoid putting your suitcase on the bed or sofa that may be infested, and prefer the luggage rack.

-Prevent the reception or the owner of the accommodation if you notice the presence of bed bugs, and leave the premises as soon as possible.

-After returning from your trip, take the time to inspect your belongings and carefully clean your suitcase before storing it.

Bed fleas: be careful when moving

-Wary about furniture, and second-hand items. Examine them carefully and clean them before installing them at home. Second hand clothing should be carried in an airtight bag and machine washed at 60 ° if possible.

-Before moving into a new home, inspect every nook and cranny before installing your furniture: corners, baseboards, holes in the wall, peeled wallpaper areas ...

What if I saw bed bugs?

-Group your belongings in a plastic bag and close tightly until you can treat them.

Have you found bedbugs at home? discover the expert's advice to eradicate them

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