Before / after: what color to sublimate me

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Before / after: what color to sublimate me

A solar blond if you have a golden complexion

Enhance the radiance of your face with a scanning which accentuates the natural blondness of your hair and brings shine to the lengths. The trick for a subtle and bright result? Play with two shades of color distinct, a warm honey tone and a lighter pale golden shade, which will harmonize very naturally once the hair is dried.

Advice : For a modern result, target the color application more precisely on the tips and locks that frame the face. In the key, an effect looks good immediately.

Red highlights if you have a diaphanous complexion

dare a touch of copper, incomparable to bring light to a chestnut hair a little bland and enhance a tired mine. the color does not have to be intense, light effects are enough to change everything. On Zoe's face the effect is bluffing: his features seem less angularhis complexion is cooler and the blue of his eyes seems even more intense.

advice : Before you start, start by observing the natural pigmentation of your eyebrows. If they pull slightly towards the walleye, these reflections coppery honey will suit you perfectly.

A mocha brown if you have a rosy complexion

Choose a cool and chic shade which will reveal all the freshness of your complexion, like this brown glossy brown which harmonizes with the pink sub-tones of the skin. In contrast, when the hair is darker, the complexion appears brighter as if he were sobered, and the look is emphasized. For the effect to be elegant, the lengths must be very bright and reflect the light.

advice : To avoid the "headphone" effect, and to create contrast, the color has not been applied perfectly uniformly. The colorist has very slightly cleared a few locks around the face.

Directed by: Virginie de Tarlé
Hairdressing: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost, and Denis Fischer, studio colorist Franck Provost
Makeup: Lauriane Rousse
Styling: Lauriane Seigner
Photographer: Noël Coleman

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