Bikini waxing: 3 tips for a nickel result

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Bikini waxing: 3 tips for a nickel result

1 / Choose the right technique

American, full, Brazilian ... Whatever type of shirt you choose to adopt, you have many ways to proceed. The comforters will prefer the razor, easy to use, but whose regrowth is thick and very fast. Others can choose between wax or laser. The first can be done at home or institute. The advantage of this technical ? Weeks of sweetness, a net profit and a hair that grows thinner as waxing progresses.

Disadvantage ? The painespecially if you opt for the full jersey. As to laser or in pulsed light, their result is said "final", but the cost can be high and skin phototypes may be contraindicated with some machines. This type of hair removal must be done by a professional.

2 / Gum delicately

Shaver or wax, it does not matter: the scrub plays a very important role to obtain a top result. So, do not forget to erase the area to be treated one day before the session. This makes it possible to avoid regrowth under skin and to remove the dead skin. The hair is removed more easily.

Nevertheless, pay attention to the products you use. To be sure not to damage this area very sensitive of your body, bet on a natural and gentle scrub. You can even make it at home! Just mix sugar with olive oil and apply it while gently massaging and avoiding the lips.

3 / Well moisturize

Yes, the shirt, it'shydrate. But not with any product or any other way not to attack the skin. A good hydration will both allow to feed, but also to soften before hair removal and soothe once the hair removed. Opt for a cream or an oil, but do not approach the lips: the components of the care could damage this intimate part.

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