Bikini waxing: 7 tips to reduce pain

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Bikini waxing: 7 tips to reduce pain

1 / We choose his moment

"We avoidtweeze if we have his rules or if one is weary"says Valérie Mercier, beautician."These are periods during which the body is more sensitive to pain"Epilation at another time therefore reduces the vulnerability of the skin, a tip that is valid for a depilation of the jersey as for all other areas.

2 / Ice cubes

The cold is known for its anesthetic virtue, so before starting the hair removal, we pass an ice cube on thearea to be treated in order to desensitize it. You can also put several ice cubes in a washcloth for convenience. "However, this method is not recommended for epilations wax hot because, the temperature difference between the two products can create burns", sensitizes Valérie Mercier.

3 / Talc

"Talc helps to thicken the hair and make it more adherent, an effective solution for waxing", says the beautician.This technique also minimizes redness and the sensation of tightness of the skin while limiting the appearance of pimples during waxing.

4 / No coffee or alcohol

We apologize in advance for all addicted to caffeine but, unfortunately, the days of hair removal favors decaffeinated drinks because the stimulants present in the coffee increase sensitivity. Ditto for alcohol that absorbs moisture from the skin. The blood is also more fluid, the network of blood vessels present at the root of the hair is more irrigated which makes the pain more noticeable when the latter is torn off. So we say yes to water, simply.

5 / Anesthetic cream

Extremely sensitive, extreme remedy: anesthetic creams. Some are available without a prescription, but it is best to seek the advice of a specialist. "I advise my clients to take an anti-inflammatory, 30 minutes before the session, which is preferable especially for a hair removal at the wax, this avoids leaving a fatty substance that could make the extraction of the hair"argues Valérie Mercier.

6 / Pressure on the skin

It is the B.a.-ba of all beauty schools and for good reason, it is simple but effective. At the level of the face, whether waxing, tweezers or wire, as soon as the hair is removed press hard enough on the area in question. "The pressure exerted makes it possible to calm the skin", says the young woman.

7 / Avoid the sun

"24 hours before, avoid UV exposure as they attack the skin and make it more sensitive"Valérie Mercier says," Exposure after hair removal is also discouraged because the hair follicle will not have time to close properly and you will end up with a skin dotted with red dots.

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