Bites of live, otitis, cuts: the advice of a doctor-emergency to treat the bobos of bathing

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Bites of live, otitis, cuts: the advice of a doctor-emergency to treat the bobos of bathing

Summer is often an opportunity to swim without moderation. In case of problems, the supervised areas have emergency stations for medical care or simple advice. Do not hesitate to go there. All care provided is recorded and communicated to the Center 15 to create a medical regulation file. The rescuer notes the symptoms, the nature of his intervention, and your contact information to contact you if necessary.

Jellyfish, live, sea urchin: how to relieve the bites?

What to do in case of jellyfish sting? They are sometimes so painful that they can cause discomfort.

1) To warn the entourage.

2) Relieve the lesion by rubbing with sand and seawater.

3) In case of allergic reaction, alert the rescuers. A local and / or oral antihistamine should be taken.

What to do in case of sting of live? Also common, the bites of this fish well camouflaged in the sand. No allergy to dread, but the pain can be very intense.

1) Start by removing the sting if it remains stuck, most often under the foot.

2) Then immerse the affected area in hot water to disperse the thermolabile venom.

3) Disinfect.

What to do in case of sea urchin sting?

1) Apply a fatty substance like Vaseline to facilitate extraction.

2) Arm yourself with patience to remove them with the tweezers.

3) Disinfect and monitor any signs of infection (redness, swelling, flutter, pain ...) within 72 hours.

Rock, salient shell, broken glass ... how to manage wounds?

For lack of protective plastic sandals to bathe, a cut quickly arrived and bleeds a lot in the water. To do :

1) Wash it with soap.

2) get rid of all foreign bodies and make sure it is not too deep. If necessary, it is important to consult to check that the tendons are intact and possibly suture.

3) Disinfect thoroughly in all cases.

4) Protect the wound with waterproof dressings the following days.

Bathing: watch out for the ears!

After repeated baths, intense waves or diving, pressure and humidity cause the canal to swell and can cause significant pain. What to do ?

1) Paracetamol is preferred to relieve.

2) In order to prevent or prevent recurrence, it is important to dry the duct at the outlet of the water and possibly put special ear plugs bathing.

3) Consult if the pain persists for more than 24 hours, especially in case of fever. It is probably an otitis to be treated with local or oral antibiotics, or even with corticosteroids.

How to react if he drank the "cup" too much?

In case of persistent shortness of breath, ceaseless cough accompanied by yellow sputum with filaments of blood and fever in the following days, medical advice is essential. The risk of pulmonary infection is possible.

* CHU Nantes, referent of the National Society of Lifeguards at Sea (SNSM)

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