Black clothes: 5 tips to revive their color

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Black clothes: 5 tips to revive their color

1] An adequate water temperature to preserve the black

Cold water ? Hot water ? Know that heat accelerates aging and wear of dark clothing. In addition, too hot water will tend to dull clothes and break fibers, causing faster discoloration. You will understand, so you should wash your clothes in cold water. If you use the machine, avoid cycling above 30 ° C. With this trick, your black pants will always be like new.

2] Choosing the right cycle for his washing machine

In general, recent washing machines are equipped with special cycles depending on materials and colors. If yours does not offer it, simply use the shortest cycle. It will best preserve your black clothes. And above all, no dryer after!

3] Coffee to strengthen the black

In addition to giving you a good boost in the morning, coffee revives the color of your black clothes. In the tray that serves the softener, pour a cup of coffee at the time of rinsing. Make a second rinse to remove the potential smell of coffee, and you're done. Indeed, coffee is a natural dye. The latter enhances the black and darkens all shades of dark colors.

4] Beer to keep the colors dark

As crazy as it may seem, the beer keeps the color black. And yes, the pint of beer is not confined to the evenings. Wash your clothes normally then, pour a glass of beer into the fabric softener. Use this tip when rinsing once every three washes.

5] Mix white vinegar and salt to fix the black

In your washing machine, pour a mixture of white vinegar and 100g of salt. This effective combo will fix the black color on your clothes. So yourfavorite little black dress will always remain pretty. Be aware that salt prevents dye pigments from flowing. It is therefore very useful to use every wash especially on your new clothes.

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