Blazer trend: 20 ultra-cannons at less than 40 euros

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Blazer trend: 20 ultra-cannons at less than 40 euros

Chic and trendy blazer, all at a low price? It's possible ! With jeans or with a midi skirt, this little jacket brings a" I do not know what " elegant to your sets. Straight out of the men's locker room, she quickly became an indispensable part of your incredible wardrobe. And it is not Brigitte Macron, absolute fan of the blazer, who will tell you the opposite.

On the catwalks as in the street, impossible to ignore this jacket. For the autumn-winter 2019/2020 season, the blazer sees things in big while standing in check. Here we go for a quick tour of the most stylish blazers to adopt urgently!

Blazer: what's so good about the star of the jackets?

Although carefully tucked away on your wardrobe hangers all summer long, the blazer jacket has kept a close eye on the latest trends. And nothing escaped him! If the black or navy blazer is a sure bet, it is more original to pimp your look in jeans or black denim. Stars of the season, printed matter Prince of Wales or even hound's foot seize our seasonal jackets for a rendering male-female definitively canon. But be careful not to be dethroned by the king of the jungle. Leopard or python print out fangs.

This fall, the queen of jackets is comforting with shimmering colors. Terracota, wine lees, beige or emerald green plays with golden buttons for a chic and glamorous effect!

Who will dare to say that this period is monotonous? To fight against the winter blues, the blazer wants to be pop and colorful. Fizzy pink, sunflower yellow and vermilion red, the carriers are witnessing an explosion of ultra-pepsy hues. And if you with a soft heart, opt for a blazer with acid tints. Like a strawberry or mint sorbet with water, the blazer follows the pastel trend without making a false fold.

Level cut, bye-bye the bent and hello the blazer boyish. Of catwalk fuchsia rose from Jacquemus, Chanel podium passing through the Zara Jacket oversized, with sleeves a little loose double-breasted is the it-piece Moment. With a lace camisole slipped into extra-large pants and a pair of sneakers, here's a total look so eighties at the top of the top. And a little fashion tip for a feminine silhouette: accompany your XXL jacket with a beautiful western buckle belt. CA-NO!

Which of these novelties will make your heart beat? The answer in our selection of trendy blazers to shop for less than € 40 now!

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