Body: 5 tips to choose it according to its morphology and wear it in small top (and our selection for this fall!)

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Body: 5 tips to choose it according to its morphology and wear it in small top (and our selection for this fall!)

He makes his come back on stage fashion ! If he met a great success in the 80s, the body seduces us seriously for some seasons and reigns particularly in master among the fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020. Even to the point of joining our basic wardrobe. More relayed to lingerie department yesterday, it is now essential in everyday life in France. top and small top version, and we love it!
Ultra-comfortable and easy to mix day or night, the body is chameleon to match in any circumstance. A trend that will not have escaped our favorite brands that offer an increasingly rich palette in this area.
Sometimes made in fluid tissues like fine openwork knit, tencel, viscose or cotton jersey, sometimes Shapewear like the Milano mesh for example, he brings his chic and feminine touch with each stroke, and boosts a silhouette in the blink of an eye.
Way tee shirt or shirt, neckline at the front or back, gathered at the shoulders, monochrome or printed or velvet or lurex: there is plenty of choice this season for fill all the desires and magnify all morphologies. Without forgetting the comfort side with seamless, sometimes laser-patterned panties that hold their promises of invisibility under all outfits and guarantee absolutely perfect freedom of movement.
What will be yours? Instructions for use and advice the brand Botzaris Paris which proposes models of new and comfortable bodies to wear on all occasions.

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Which body to choose according to my morphology?

For small breasts
Small breasts can afford to large plunging necklines on the bust or in the back, to wear so without brabut also glittering, glittery or even transparent materials, without any vulgarity.

For strong breasts
The ideal in this case is to adopt a round neck or boat and an shaking material (like the Milano mesh) for better support and impeccable comfort.

To hide small curves
Nothing better than body blousé or draped, close to the body but not tight to hide any part that would be considered unsightly.

Bloused bodies
Bloused and aerial bodies are granted to close-fitting parts to counterbalance : a pretty frayed jeans at the bottom, chino pants, shorts ...

Body tight
The ideal is to bet on a flared room at the bottom to have a harmonious silhouette: pleated skirt, fluid shorts, loose pants, flare jeansnot to mention high heights for a curvy silhouette.

It's your turn !

Thank you to the brand Botzaris Paris for his advice style and morpho.

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