Bra and sports bra: 5 tips to make the right choice

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Bra and sports bra: 5 tips to make the right choice

A ramp that goes down. A fabric that itches you. A poorly maintained breast. When your bra is not comfortable, your workout can quickly turn into a nightmare! Avoid this nasty annoyance. You are already deploying enough energy and effort during your muscle building or pilates class. For running, yoga or zumba, the right bra or the right bra is needed. All our tips and tricks to find the model that will allow you to be both comfortable and top for your session hot intensity !

1 / We opt for a comfortable model

More than a fashion garment, bra or bra is indeed an indispensable piece of equipment of the sportswoman. For maximum comfort, wear a special attention to braces. Choose them wide enough not to hurt your shoulders but also firm enough to provide exceptional support (especially if you have a strong chest). There is nothing worse than a chest wandering in all directions and a strap that keeps slipping. To avoid a nerve crisis in a dynamic squat, choose a bra swimmer's back with cross straps in X or Y. In addition to maximum comfort, this garment will bring a sexy touch to your sporty look!

But do not worry, choosing a suitable model for the sport is not only technical. Regarding the choice of size, there is nothing simpler. Choose it according to your bra size usual taking care that the elastic band of your bra falls perfectly horizontally. To be sure that the model is the right one you have to be able to pass two fingers below. It's good, you're ready for the sport!

2 / We pay attention to the material

We leave in the closet the models in synthetic fabric. These amplify the effect of perspiration that can cause the appearance of little glamorous little buttons ... To avoid this little inconvenience, opt for a bra or a bra made from a breathable fabric. For that, do not hesitate to take a small glance at the label. Coolmax, Fesh Fabric Plus, Anita sweat management are antiperspirant materials to pamper! Likewise, brassieres withelastane has good extensibility, very convenient for a well-being guaranteed during your workout!

3 / With each sport its model

Rule to write in golden letters: one replaces his classic bra for a bra specially dedicated to the practice of the sport. The important thing, when you get lost among the swarm of brassieres, is to choose the model that is best for your sport. At each exercise session, the breasts undergo shocks, but also their own weight, the latter being amplified according to the intensity of the movements. For the soft gym, like yoga, pilates or golf, promote a keeping soft with a Seamless sports bra with wide braces.

After the relaxation, you feel the need to let off steam. How about a fitness session or dance? Put on your flashy bra with wide straps whose band is gently placed below your chest. This model will bring a intermediate maintenance which will intercept the few shocks caused by repeated rebounds.

Finally if on the contrary you are a adept at extreme sports like the running, riding or even Zumba, prefer a greater maintenance by adopting a model without frame. The latter will prevent some pains caused by too fast movements or the intense succession of rebounds. The practice of sport should be more of a relaxation session, not torture!

4 / A closing system that makes the difference

When you talk about bra, you imagine yourself struggling while trying to put on. Take this idea off your head. In order to be practical and put in a magic wand, brands do not lack ingenuity to make your life easier. More and more models are embellished with a zipper at the front. A practical miracle solution for those who do not have the flexibility of contortionists. Easier to remove, this opening at the front is the model of choice for sports with a strong chest. Finally if you have the soul of a latecomer and you already get breathless at your workout, we choose practice. Opt for a model to don like a tee-shirt and turn around and play!

5 / We do not hesitate to renew his collection

Like your lingerie, your sports bra also has a shelf life. By dint of exercise, perspiration and washing, your bra is unfortunately not eternal. As and when, the fabric of your bra or bra loses elasticity thus making the maintenance less effective. It is therefore essential to change your room every six months, on average. A good excuse to invest in different models and to be at the forefront of the latest trends during your workout.

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