Bra size: all the news for strong breasts (and our tips for choosing your underwear)

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Bra size: all the news for strong breasts (and our tips for choosing your underwear)

The lingerie department ... There are those who love it and those who run away! Because yes, if the underwear and especially bras are obviously essential to any feminine wardrobe, they are not always a part of fun for their - good - choice. And even more so when we start to release classic hats and back tricks. Generous breasts can testify as they face the problem on the shelves. Even if ... the brands are playing more and more the game with a wider range of sizes. Phew. We now think of all morphologies: victory!
The proof with our trend selection of large bra for strong breasts !

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The goal in all this? Put your assets in value! And so find THE model perfectly adapted to its silhouette. In the case of luscious chest, we will obviously favor the comfort of the materials and the good maintenance. If it is not optimal, rendering and efficiency will not be there.

Strong chest: what forms of bra to adopt?

The underwired bra is for women looking for optimal support. It often has wide straps for comfort particularly appreciated.

Note that more the bra will be nestedthe more it will be adapted. It is noted with its whales, frames and cap that perfectly envelops the chest. Indeed, the fabric encompasses all the breasts and goes up on the chest and sides of the chest. Thanks to him, you are comfortable in your clothes and your chest is, comfortably, put forward.

The minimizer bra visually reduces the volume of the most generous breasts. The model has structured bonnets for better support, as well as wide straps for perfect comfort.

The basket bra it highlights the neckline ensuring a sensual and natural roundness to the chest. This cut benefits the upper chest by drawing a nice curve, it is the perfect model to combine comfort and seduction. Go for it!

The push-up bra, contrary to what one might think, can also be useful to bigwigs! After a pregnancy or over the years, an imposing breast can sometimes lose firmness. It's natural ! So, to carve the latter and him give a firmer appearancenothing better than a push-up. With its sheathing frames, he brings up your breasts while subtlety. In addition, it has the advantage of providing a very good support. With him, impossible to have back pain. However, we advise you toavoid wearing a plunging neckline with this type of bra, it could be a little too sexy, but you round neck, boat or small V!

And the banners in all this, forbidden? No! They can also be good allies on certain occasions. Provided you choose them well. Opt for a model with integrated whales, so that your chest is properly maintained even without straps.

Strong chest: we avoid ...

The triangle bra ! It is not suitable for bigwigs for the benefit of small breasts, its maintenance is not enough and the visual result is not advantageous for your figure. Ditto for frills that bring a useless volume.

The lingerie tip

If your bra becomes too small, earn 5 centimeters of bust by opting for a brassiere extension. Easy to install on any reference by choosing the right width. Just insert it into the existing hooks.

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