Bra: the 3 lingerie tips and tricks you have chosen in 2018 (too practical!)

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Bra: the 3 lingerie tips and tricks you have chosen in 2018 (too practical!)

If the big "difficulty" is first of all to choose your bra to the right size and according to its morphologymany questions also arise as to its maintenance. But also on the aesthetic side and fashion of this underneath which we can not do without. A true everyday companion, it is absolutely necessary imperative of find the perfect fit for an irreproachable hold and of course an optimal support. And if we can make it last in time, it's won!

Here are 3 tips and fashion tips that caught your attention in 2018 for a flawless lingerie. And if it is not yet the case, there is still time to fix it!

1. How often should you wash your bra?

This may indeed surprise as a question when some wash it every night while others do not necessarily maintain daily. But then, what about the good option? Wash it after each use? Wear it every day and space the washings? We answered all your questions to see more clearly! The answer here:
>>After how long should you wash your bra?

2. What color of bra to wear under white?

Ha ha, the question that makes debate! If you hope an invisible rendering, you will surely be surprised by the color to slip under your immaculate top! Not necessarily the one you believe, yet tested and approved. Find our tips to avoid any fashion faux pas or other unsightly rendering:

>>What color of bra to wear under white?

3. When to change bra?

We have all our favorite models in our drawer. Those that we have even sometimes for years, and that we refuse to remove from our collection. Except that, after a certain time, it is essential to renew. Be aware that as a rule, a bra, if used regularly, will last a little less than a year (and yes!). Even less if it is worn almost daily. To see more clearly and know when your bottom is not suitable at all, we have listed for you 5 signs that prove that it really needs to change. Ready to take the test? Follow the guide !
>>Bra: 5 tips that prove it does not fit you anymore (and that you have to change it!)

It's your turn !

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