Breast cancer: how to achieve breast self-examination, step by step

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Breast cancer: how to achieve breast self-examination, step by step

Why do this breast self-examination?

The goal of breast self-examination is to spot something "weird," abnormal, or a particular change in the chest.

This self-examination can be used to identify folds in the skin, a small wound, a small hollow, a liquid or blood that flows from the nipple ... Signs that could alert you to an illness, more or less serious and push to consult as soon as possible his doctor or his gynecologist, who will decide the type of additional examinations that must be done (breast ultrasound, breast MRI, mammography, blood test ...).

Identifying this type of sign early allows faster management and therefore often easier healing (especially when it comes to breast cancer).

Breast cancer, which is a malignant tumor, is the first female cancer and the leading cause of female deaths. Hence the importance of diagnosing this cancer as early as possible to treat it early and increase the chances of recovery.

When to do breast self-examination?

All women, from the age of 25, should, each month, perform a self-examination of their breasts. This exam, easy to do at home, as long as you follow each step, does not usually take more than 5 minutes and is effective in identifying visible signs of illness.

In order not to skew the results of this self-examination, these gestures must be done after the rules. Because before and during the cycle of the rules, the breasts can be different.

Good to know : this examination does not replace your annual appointment of control at your gynecologist.

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