Breast cancer: new official recommendations to guard against it

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Breast cancer: new official recommendations to guard against it

Breast cancer: 59,000 new cases a year

Responsible for 12,100 deaths last year, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.

If 59,000 new cases were counted in 2018, it would be possible to prevent 40% of cancers simply by modifying our lifestyle.

It is with this in mind that in this autumn, theNational Cancer Institute launches a new campaign against breast cancer. The opportunity for experts to unveil new official recommendations to prevent the disease.

Breast cancer screening, a priority for specialists

The new national campaign against breast cancer is clear: "Prevention is every day. screeningit's every two years. "

While screening is essential to detect early cancer and reduce the risk of developing the disease, not all women are yet regular on their consultation. After age 50, all women are encouraged to be screened every 2 years. A letter of invitation to the screening is sent to them, they only have to make an appointment with a radiologist for this control.

Between two consultations, breast self-examination is also strongly recommended. This self-examination, easy to do at home, that all women should realize from the age of 25, can identify folds in the skin, a small wound, a small hollow, a liquid or blood that flows from the nipple ... Signs that could alert you to an illness, more or less serious and push to consult quickly his doctor or his gynecologist.

Locating this type of sign early allows faster management and therefore often easier healing.

Food, alcohol and tobacco, physical activity ... Small everyday actions that can save lives

If there are risk factors that we can not really act on, such as age, gender, family history, it is possible to act in a simple way on a daily basis, in order to significantly reduce the risks, by parallel of this screening among specialists and at home.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

In 2018, 8,700 cases of breast cancer were attributable to the consumption of alcohol, a scourge on which one can still have the hand. If France is not in the top of the ranking of European countries where we drink the most, the amount of alcohol per capita is an average of 2 and a half glasses per day ... And as a recent survey, drink a glass of alcohol a day is already too much!

Reducing our alcohol consumption would quickly lower the risk. The recommendations are clear: "do not consume more than 2 glasses a day, and not every day".

Pay attention to its weight

Food is an important focus of the fight against cancer. Overweight and obesity significantly increase the risk. Last year, 4,900 cases of breast cancer were attributable to overweight or obesity, yet preventable risk factors.

Thus, one adopts a varied and balanced diet today, and one reduces the excesses, in order to maintain a correct body mass index.

Crush his last cigarette

While smoking is the leading risk factor for lung cancer, it is also responsible for many breast cancers: in 2018, 2, 000 cases of breast cancer were attributed to smoking among women over 30 years of age.

A good reason to make the decision to quit smoking as soon as possible. By calling in a professional if necessary: ​​there are many solutions to accompany smokers who want to stop smoking.

Move (really!), And regularly

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most discrete threats to our health, and the lack of physical activity is a real danger for the population. He would be responsible for 3,000 cases of cancer in one year, including 1,700 cases of breast cancer in postmenopausal women ...

Regular physical activity could prevent many breast cancers after menopause. So, at any age, we find a physical activity that we like, makes us move and contributes to our good health!

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