Brigitte Macron: her 5 beauty secrets to look younger

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Brigitte Macron: her 5 beauty secrets to look younger

A rock look, a slender figure and a good mood to any test, Brigitte Macron does not go unnoticed alongside her husband Emmanuel Macron. So, what are the beauty tips of the First Lady to appear a few years less?

1. A worked look

One of the beauty assets of Brigitte Macron, her deep blue eyes on which she put thoroughly make-up level. In addition to highlighting them in black, she most often illuminates his azure eyes with a pretty clear iridescent which gives radiance to his eyes. And for the touch rock, she then dresses her lashes with a thick black mascara, which has the effect of giving character and intensity to his gaze.

2. A Californian complexion

His favorite tip to appear a few years younger: a nice tanned complexionas if she were back from vacation. If Emmanuel Macron's wife seems to adore exposing herself to the sun at will and leaving her skin tinged with gold, she still has some beauty tips to stay radiant even in winter. The idea: fill in the small wrinkles and redness with a corrective basis, then mask the traces of fatigue and small imperfections with concealer. Then she wake up his eyes with an illuminator, and add a little sun powder on the cheeks. Result: a golden complexion all year round.

3. Blonde hair

A golden blonde to sublimate his complexion, his eyes and hide white hair : Brigitte Macron understood everything. The former teacher offers a nuanced color, very natural, which suits her perfectly. She also sided with dye his eyebrowsso that they do not swear with his color and do not darken his eyes.

4. His bright smile

One of the things we notice first at Brigitte Macron: the big smile she displays willingly. Indeed, his good mood and his perfect smile seem to be one of its youth assets. And to show off her pretty smile, she opts for a natural rosy hue on his lipsbut after taking care to discreetly emphasize them with a pencil to give them more relief. A tip to him sting assuredly.

5. His rock cut

Whether they are dropped or tied up: Brigitte Macron leaves nothing to chance when it comes to her hair. Always equal in years, her hair perfectly surrounds her face and give it a lifting effect ideal to look younger. His bangs are perfectly worked for give relief to its rock cut, a good tip to elegantly hide the effects of time.

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