Bronde: 20 ideas to adopt it

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Bronde: 20 ideas to adopt it

Bronde, what is it?

bronde comes from the contraction of the words "brunette" and "blonde". This is a hair color that perfectly blends light locks and darker in a game of contrastswithout creating boundaries for a natural result.

This coloring is made for all skin tones: porcelain, golden or matte complexion ... You can adopt it!

An easy-to-wear color

It is also suitable for all hair colors. This technique can brighten the brown or the chestnut creating as a sun effect in the hair. We come lighten the brown with honey for example. If you have a blonde base, the goal is to create depth with darker shades like light chestnut or dark blond.

As for maintenance, it is advisable to visit the hairdresser every two months, to make some alterations. But overall, this color evolves very well because there is noroot effect. Do not forget to apply care (masks, oils ...) on your lengths at least once a week to treat them.

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