Brown losses: what is it and when should you worry?

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Brown losses: what is it and when should you worry?

Several scenarios

Going to the bathroom, surprise: brown losses stain the underwear. Do not panic: most of the time, they are harmless. In women who do not take contraceptionthese losses can occur before rules. These are whitish leucorrhea (white discharge) associated with oxidized and aged blood. In this case, it is linked to the gradual drop of progesterone, a hormone secreted by the cells of the ovaries and placenta. "It happens to all women, and it gets worse with age," reassures Dr. Felicia Joinau-Zoulovits, obstetrician-gynecologist.

After the rulesthere can also be brown losses. "The blood accumulates in the uterine cavity and flows through the vagina late, so it is a little darker or brown"says the doctor. This is also called "old blood". Here too, it's quite benignand it is also proof that the body is working properly and that the vagina cleans well.

When to consult

Sometimes brown losses can be the symptom of a vaginosis, a mild vaginal infection: "the bacteria occurs on a vaginal flora very unbalanced ", explains Dr. Félicia Joinau-Zoulovitz. This brown deposit is then associated with bad smells, some discomfortor even pain. In this case, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist who will establish a diagnosis and who will prescribe a suitable treatment.

Brown losses after a sexual intercourse can also occur. The mucosa inside the cervix, impacted after a report, bleeds and the evacuation of blood can be done the next day. Thus, the blood is aged and causes brown losses. "If it happens regularly, It would be better to consult" says the specialist, who advises to ensure to have the examination of the smear to day. Bleeding after a report may be, among other things, a symptom of cervical cancer.

Pregnant brown losses

If brown losses appear during pregnancyit is better to consult also a gynecologist, who can rule out the possibility of a complication. In some cases, vaginal bleeding is the first sign of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Doctors will be able to prescribe the necessary tests to check the progress of the pregnancy.

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