Buttoned dress, star of summer 2019: discover how to wear it with style

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Buttoned dress, star of summer 2019: discover how to wear it with style

Discrete little ones, big well-known, real, fake: this summer, the dress is worn with buttons ... or does not wear! Ok, we exaggerate a little, but still: gone unnoticed at the beginning of the season, the buttoned dress has invaded the collections so much that we still wonder how she could escape us.
Usually confined to the shirt-dress, it is now combined with all the tendencies: long, short, checkered, polka dots, retro cuts, bare shoulders, thin straps, knotted effects and what color do you want in here?

How to wear the buttoned dress this summer?

The simplest way: set your sights on a dress shirt. Nothing more classic and easier to adopt everyday. Known to sublimate almost all female morphologies, the shirt cut adapts to the styles and desires of each. Modest ? It is buttoned entirely. In a funny mood? We go out the big game by unbuttoning widely: top to create a plunging neckline and down for a hyper sensual split effect.
And if you do not have a shirt dress in your closets, just stitch a white shirt to your man to cover your jersey this summer at the beach. Guaranteed effect with this mix of very feminine-masculine genres.
The most fashionable way? Show a model where the buttons are strictly for nothing, if not to look good! In short: these buttons can never be unbuttoned! And in 2018, the bigger and more obvious, the more trendy your dress will be.

The most glamorous way? Crack for a model with wide straps and a midi length. A very bomba Italian look. Even more effective if your dress is colored (red or poppy for example) or printed mini-patterns a little vintage. Good too: all the models with shoulders "Bardot" or way "one shoulderwhich reveal the shoulders and allow to show and suggest as you wish!
On the accessories side, over-play the women's card with wedge espadrilles, round bags and small gold jewelery.

The coolest way? The overalls cut (especially if she is in denim) and the chasuble obviously! Wear it with canvas sneakers or Greek sandals for a truly relaxed result.

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