Can I wear a menstrual cup with an IUD?

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Can I wear a menstrual cup with an IUD?

In recent years, the use of the menstrual cup during periods of menstruation is very much appreciated. It replaces towels and other sanitary tampons, is reusable, economical and easy to use.

But on the social networks, several netizens wonder if the association cup menstrual and IUD, also called Device Intra Uterine (DUT) is compatible: "Say Twitter, we agree that IUD and menstrual cup can go together?", "IUD and menstrual cup, what do you think? It scares me a bit "ask some users.

And for good reason: some women reported having had their contraceptive method forced out or displaced at cause of the cup. One of them tells on Twitter: "What's up with my IUD? I had it removed and I programmed a new IUD insertion next week because with the use of my menstrual cup I had moved it to the cervix of my uterus ", "I lost an IUD because of my cup, removing it I grabbed the threads and shot", reveals another surfer. When the cup is removed, there is a risk of either aspirating the IUD with the suction effect, or pulling the threads of the IUD. Should we forget the cup when wearing a DUT?

"It's totally compatible"

"Not at all", slice Dr. Felicia Joinau-Zoulovits, gynecologist-obstetrician. "Both are fully compatible"she adds. "The IUD is a small device introduced into the uterus, once the pose is performed, the gynecologist cut the threads between 1 and 2 centimeters from the cervix ". Thus, if the wires are sufficiently cut, there is no risk that they be drawn during the withdrawal of the cup.

This is also the conclusion of a study conducted in 2012 and published in the journal Science Direct. The authors of the experiment observed 930 women wearing an IUD. Of these, 10.3% wore a menstrual cup, 74.2% used tampons and 43.2% used sanitary napkins. For women whose follow-up was regular (743), the total or partial expulsion rate was 2.5% in the first six weeks after insertion of the IUD. Canadian experts found no difference between women using cups, tampons or towels.

"When placed, the cup gradually descends with the weight of the blood and when it is recovered, it is far from the neck and thus far from the threads"she assures. "I do not see how the IUD can be moved or removed because of the cup, unless the threads are too long". Dr. Félicia Joinau-Zoulovits points out that it is nevertheless important to read the instructions before putting a menstrual cup, to avoid any bad gesture, and to be careful when removing it.

How to put a cup

It may take several tries before placing it perfectly. It fits one hand, the other gently spreads the lips of the vulva. It is necessary to bend the small suction cup, in the shape of "C", "U", or "S", according to the preference of each one. Once inside, it takes its original form. If it's in place, we do not feel it anymore and she does not move anymore.

On removal, push gently down to the vagina entrance, then pass a finger on the side of the cup to bring in the air, which cancels the suction effect. Gently pull on the stem, empty the blood and rinse with cold water.

Note that it is important to do sterilize his cup at the end of each menstrual cycle in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes to get rid of most germs.

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