Can we color discolored hair?

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Can we color discolored hair?

Discoloration removes most of the color from the hair fiber. Without pigments, the hair is more fragile and sensitive. But this step is essential if you want to clear up your natural base. If you want to become brown again, you have to color your hair. But can we dye discolored hair ? "Yes, we can do it without problem, but under certain conditions"says Sandy Ory, expert and colorist Jean Marc Joubert.

How to color a faded base?

This approach is not an easy task, that's why the specialist advises to realize it at a hairdresser. "It may cost more expensive on the moment (about 100 euros) but it allows to obtain an optimal result ".

For coloring to take on the hair, it must be applied to a hair pigmented base, which means that we must proceed in two step. The first is to apply orange-red pigments. "Do not worry, if your hair turns redyou will not go out like this from the show ", reassures Sandy Ory. Indeed, it is simply a "Pre-staining"essential, because it will allow to reintegrate pigments into the discolored fiber. "It does not show in the final result, but can be the source of rather warm reflections". The second step is the application of the desired shade, which will be able to stay on the fiber.

The expert recalls that simply doing a staining on discolored hair presents risks: "If we go for discolored hairfalse blue or green reflections may appear. Everything is a matter of mastering colorimetry ".

How to properly maintain its color?

The result obtained is durable, but according to the people, two or three colors will be necessary to find the desired shade. "When it fades, you have to come back at the hairdresser to redo the dye only, no need to redo pre-coloring ".

Then you have to adapt hair routine by opting for care ranges specially designed for colored hair. "Their needs are not the same, they need UV protection to prevent the appearance of unwanted reflections".

Thanks to Sandy Ory, expert and colorist Jean Marc Joubert, for her advice.

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