Care: a nice look after 50 years

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Care: a nice look after 50 years

I have dark circles easily

When the blood and lymphatic microcirculation becomes lazy, the blood stagnates in the vessels and gives that bluish color. To remedy this, adopt daily active-based products that drain and revive the microcirculation, such as caffeine, ivy, red vine or small holly. At the time of application, make pressure points by flipping your finger all the way around the ring. This facilitates drainage.

My eyes swell

When the phenomenon occurs on waking, it is a sign of poor lymphatic circulation. The lying down position, the excess heating, the consumption of alcohol, spicy food or salt accentuate this effect. To avoid having a puffy look, use morning and evening decongestant care, based on blueberries, ginkgo biloba or brown algae. Avoid over-rich formulas that may seep into tissues and strengthen the blown effect. Prefer products with a fresh metal tip. You can also put on the eyelids disks of cotton soaked in tea or cornflower water, which you will have previously placed cool. If your pockets remain permanently, they probably result from an accumulation of fat deposits associated with sagging skin. In this case, you can lift the lower eyelid with ingredients such as silk tree extract.

My paws-d'oin s'encrustent

Four times thinner than the rest of the face, the skin of the eye contour is permanently solicited by the 10,000 daily eyelid beats. This area tends to age prematurely, giving rise to fine lines that end up being seen more and more. Use hyaluronic acid-based formulas that moisturize and help replenish wrinkles, and anti-wrinkle active ingredients, such as collagen and vitamin E. Apply them by tapping until penetration. In SOS care, you can use a patch, to be left all night.

I look tired

Fatigue, blue light from screens, pollution particles, heating or cooling dehydrate the eye area and irritate it. It ends up widening. To prevent the phenomenon, adopt an antioxidant skincare, such as Vitamin E, that helps the skin to defend itself, associated with each brand's complex, which act as barriers against blue light. In addition, consider adopting anti-blue light glasses, whose slightly yellow lenses are already a first protection. Morning and evening, clean your eyes with saline ..

Brown spots have appeared

In dull and Mediterranean skin, circulation problems can cause inflammation of the vessels and an excess of melanin, which causes brown circles. In this case, choose a care with lightening ingredients like vitamin C and protect yourself from the sun. If repeated solar exposures have flecked the eye area, do not hesitate to use a slightly tinted formula, which not only lighten the stains, but also camouflage them.

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