Care cure: great assets for beautiful skin?

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Care cure: great assets for beautiful skin?

In the same way that a course of dietary supplements restores tone to the body in case of fatigue, these products are formulated to stimulate the skin and bring it an asset shoot in an intense way and for a short time.

What is it about ?

Depending on the formulas and ingredients, the cure can last for three days, a week or even a whole month to restore radiance to the complexion, plump up the face, smooth skin texture and even fade wrinkles. The cures are presented in the form of single dose capsules, mini tubes, vials which can be used for several days. There are even disposable prepregs.

What's the point ?

These products can be used as super moisturizers boosted with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid-based peel treatments, anti-wrinkles that contain retinol or vitamin C flush formulas. They are often more concentrated in active ingredients than in vitamin C. 'a simple serum. Avoid combining them, it is better to use this care successively for better efficiency and to avoid any risk of interaction. These formulas give a boost to the skin in record time. They help it to restart and restart its mechanisms of hydration, cell renewal ... Beyond the recommended duration, the epidermis must relearn to function alone.

When to use them?

Use them at the change of season for example, if you travel often or as soon as you find your complexion dull or tired. Be careful however if you have opted for a peel, avoid using it in good weather, because it does not mix well with the UV. If you have chosen a retinol skincare product and your skin does not tolerate it well, first apply your product every other day or two before switching to daily use.

The opinion of the expert: Elisabeth Bouhadana, International Scientific Director L'Oréal Paris.

"If the prolonged use of these cures does not pose a problem of safety, nor of habituation, it's better torestrict their use over time. Especially for formulas that contain high-dose retinol and can become irritating over time. Use them at the indicated time, then start again three months later if necessary. If it is a formula moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, however, you can prolong the cure according to your desires."

Our selection, to test:

Plumping. Revitalift Filler Hyaluro-Cure 7 days, L'Oreal Paris, 17,90 € / Remodelante. Cure Collagen Lift 3D Effect Lift 21 Nights, Dr Ricaud, 65 € / Exfoliating. Rapid Reveal Peel, Dermalogica, 98 €. / Nocturne. Ideal Resource, Retinol Youth Oil Concentrate, Darphin, 90 €.

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