Caroline Receveur: ultra-sexy in lingerie, she assumes her caesarean section scar

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Caroline Receveur: ultra-sexy in lingerie, she assumes her caesarean section scar

The famous blogger Caroline Receveur is also a business leader, an influencer and a mother filled since July 2018 where the little Marlon came to the world. From then on, the 31-year-old shared many pictures of the baby and his mate, the model Hugo Philip.

Caroline Receveur decided to post a photo of her taken during a shoot. Until then, nothing out of the ordinary, since the blogger often performs photo shoots that she then publishes on the networks. But here she poses in a lingerie set black lace very sexy, which reveals his extra-flat belly, but also to glimpse his Caesarean section scarwitnessed her delivery last July.

Internet users are conquered

In legend, Caroline Receveur writes: "The strongest hearts have the most scars, in French "The strongest hearts have the most scars". A beautiful message that advocates self-acceptance and its scars, which are quite normal after a cesarean delivery.

And his some 3.2 million subscribers are fans! They can not say enough good things in their comments: "The most beautiful scars", "We hardly see her but she is so symbolic", "You are perfect", "Either very proud: for my part 4 children and 4 cesareans. I am very proud of it too. "

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