Celine Dion, Malika Menard, Jennifer Lopez … The most beautiful tanned stars

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Celine Dion, Malika Menard, Jennifer Lopez ... The most beautiful tanned stars

Whether in summer or winter, the stars display their more beautiful tan. How are they doing? If some like Eva Longoria already have the tanned skin who easily bronze, others certainly use self-tanning products like sprays, creams or powders. Easy tips and less risky for the skin.

Safe tanning

UV has adverse effects on the skin: premature cutaneous aging, skin diseases ... That's why you have to protect yourself as much as you can avoiding exposure to the hottest hours but also thanks to a good sunscreen with a suitable SPF. Dermatologists advise to opt for a minimum SPF 30 to be protected against UVB for longer. They also remind us of the importance of renew the application solar care every two hours.

Bet on a fake tan

You do not go to the sun? You can still show a beautiful tan by applying self-tanning treatments on your face and / or body. There are different shapes and intensity depending on the area to tan and the skin tone. Creams, oils, sprays, mousses ... You have the choice!

How to prolong your tan?

Once you are tanned, the goal is often to keep your tan as long as possible. The key word for success: hydration. The skin must be well nourished to prevent the skin from peeling and losing its golden color. So do not hesitate to apply a balm or moisturizer morning and evening.

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