Ceremony Attire: 30 ideas to be the perfect guest!

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Ceremony Attire: 30 ideas to be the perfect guest!

Spring is here and with him his swarm of invitations of all kinds: weddings, baptisms, funerals of young girls, cousins, communions .... the time has come to go in search of pretty outfits to be on his 31 on every occasion!

What wedding dress for a wedding: the golden rule!

We do not steal the spotlight on the future bride when she arrives dressed White dress (unless you want to get angry with her!). If you really like nude hues, go for cream or, even better, beige. We can also pink sugar ... even if it's better on very young girls who often form the bridesmaids.
Lastly, if you opt for a nude-colored outfit, try pairing it with colorful accessories or a black jacket, just to break its immaculate side.

What ceremony looks to adopt for a wedding, a baptism or any other party?

Side rooms, everything is allowed or almost, provided that they are elegant and not too bare of course. Feel free to play the card of femininity in dress or skirt associated with a pretty little top. Free to surf on the trend of pantsuit for an irresistible and ultra trendy masculine-feminine style! Not to mention the combinations with the marked size which always make their small effect! A pair of high heels to throw the silhouette, glasses screwed on the nose and a bag carried at arm's length and that's enough!

In dress, we dare almost anything we usually find a little too much and we often hesitate to leave the cupboard : from the strapless dress to the satin dress, lace models and a bit retro cuts. We can also stay true to her little dress right, provided youupgrade with accessories in flashy colors or with printed fabric shoes.
Side skirts, it is the opportunity or never to go out princess petticoats that will be perfect even with a simple pair of ballet flats.
We also revisit the tuxedo in 7 / 8th pants with pliers, chic but not razor. Those who love can also be tempted by the combi-shorts to highlight their legs, provided to treat the cut and the material of the chosen model (nothing that crumples or hangs in 5 minutes top chrono).

What colors are trendy for a chic ceremony outfit in 2019?

Leave the total white look to the bride but dare to adopt a little touch if the desire tells you, either on a top, or on a low, or with a jacket. Otherwise, prefer to play with a palette of 100% summer colors that will give you good looks for sure! What sublimate you with color!

More trendy than ever, dare the coral, elected color of the year by Pantone. Whatever its shade (mandarin or peach), it is a sign of lightness and cheerfulness. For more femininity, to you the red. We do not know color more glamorous, especially if you associate it with a buttoned model, worn slightly unbuttoned!
Good pick also with yellow, ultra solar but much more consensual. he match perfectly with gilded jewelry and proves impeccable associated with camel leather accessories.
ATa sure value (even if a little more expected): the blue. After adopting it, as much choosing it in a frank and dark shade (duck, king, indigo) rather than pastel, it will be able to give more character to your look of the day.

Last thing: do not discount the role of accessories to compose your ceremonial look. They will sublimate in the blink of an eye seemingly simple. To you the pretty bags and the fancy shoes ... all provided to avoid the dad shoes and the banana bags! But do we really need to tell you again?

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