Choose your party accessories

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Choose your party accessories

Bag, pouch, jewelry, shoes ... These pieces set the tone and must be chosen carefully to make the difference on your evening dress. Manual.

Which sleeve to choose?

For this end of the year, the jewelry pouch is the ideal evening companion to carry the bare minimum. It is particularly appreciated with rhinestones, cabochons or pearls. It is suitable for all body types, baguette version carried by hand or hung on the shoulder. For smaller sizes, be sure to adjust the shoulder strap (shrink it if necessary), as for generous shapes avoid wearing the shoulder strap diagonally ("barring" the bust).

Be careful not to rush on bags that shine at all costs, always choose very chic and banish the effects of style that make too much, like frills, fringes or some effects of matter. Treat yourself to a sober evening bag while being festive. Choose beautiful materials and opt for rounded shapes if you are lanky and or a minaudière if you are smaller. Large and luscious, the XXL pouch is for you!

What about shoes?

Chic and comfortable rarely mix! When shoes are put on their 31, they prefer materials like varnish, metallic or golden colors and shiny cabochons, and take a lot of height. It's lovely but not always suitable for our feet that display more than 50 Eve on the clock!

Two options are available to you. The first ultra chic: a shiny stiletto heel pump that we trade against a pair of ballerinas once sitting at table, neither seen nor known! Or for more comfort, the block heel option is also possible. Certainly less "femme fatale", but always elegant ... and above all you trotter and dance more easily when the time comes!

Finally, ultimate comfort and not devoid of chic: the dish! By opting for a flat shoe, the silhouette will be slender and legs less dizzying but the pace will still be modern and elegant. With an infinite choice of ballerinas, slippers, moccasins all more original than each other ... All you have to do is choose yours!

What jewelry for the holidays?

It all depends on your look! If the outfit is colorful and prints or patterns very present, it would be better to calm the game in jewelry ... Then prefer a pair of discreet earrings or a shiny bracelet end. On the other hand, if you have set your sights on a sober outfit like a classic black dress, allow yourself more fancy jewelry side. It must shine!

The popular saying "less is better" is a way to suggest we do not take too much risk in terms of accessorization, but know that everything is a matter of dosage and respect for your morphological constraints.

For women with a bust menu and bouncy hips, choose discreet jewelry. Unlike women all round, who can opt for an imposing necklace and highlight their cleavage.

The silhouettes in H (shoulders and hips aligned) will opt instead for a long jumper to lengthen the silhouette. Finally, the holidays are always an opportunity to release a beautiful family jewel or a designer piece. We wear it alone to give it all the space it deserves!

Holidays: to avoid absolutely

To too much want to be festive do not switch into kitsch. The decoration of the fir tree remains on the tree. So do not fall into the pitfall of too bright and too "bling bling" that ultimately does not serve. Be elegant, do not try the adventure by mixing styles and you will be really on your 31 at night!

>> Discover in pictures our favorite accessories to wake up chic!

Thanks to Jérôme Seeholtz from Madeleine

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