Christmas Drawings, Easy to Color, Print and Color

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Christmas Drawings, Easy to Color, Print and Color

The month of December arrives and the Christmas spirit begins to be in the air and that is why I am going to give you these beautiful gifts Christmas images to share with your children the best Christmas drawings where you can perform activities with them.

Within the Christmas drawings you will find different characters and characteristic objects of which you can find the Christmas tree, reindeer, Christmas decorations, snowmen, Santa Claus or Santa Claus as it is also said in some countries of Latin America and hundreds of other illustrations.

With each one of them you will be able to paint, color, cut, print, trace and use as a mold if you wish so that the crafts in the last month of the year are constantly present and are activities for parents and children, together as a family .

Christmas Drawings Coloring

Depending on the age of the boy or girl you have to give a slogan so that the activity has a goal that can be from making a drawing for Santa Claus and leaving it in the Christmas tree.

Or to send in the mailbox of the mail and that can be attached the letter of Santa Claus with the gifts that were asked.

With these images you will be able to select the illustration to paint that you like and download to your operating system desktop that you use or create a folder to save all the models to draw Christmas.

Once you have your favorites, you can print them to have on a sheet and select with what type of element to paint it, such as fibers or markers or colored pencils.

In this drawing of Santa Claus You can paint from the "Merry Christmas" sign you have on your hands to your red suit and leave the parts blank like gloves or your beard so characteristic.

christmas drawings coloring happy christmas santa claus

The Christmas cookies are other elements that can not be missed on Christmas night to paint with your children and nephews since you can use colors such as brown, yellow and apply the decorations in different shades such as green and red.

christmas drawings coloring christmas cookie

Another Christmas drawing to print and then paint with orange and gold that are the Christmas bells that are always hanging somewhere in the house and this is a good way to interpret the Christmas spirit as it can be also the Christmas garlands.

christmas drawings coloring bells

If you want to use many colors and test the accuracy of your children when painting is a very good idea Coloring the Christmas tree since it allows you to apply color to each ball and Christmas decoration that the tree carries.

christmas drawings coloring christmas tree

Another Christmas element that can not be missing are the Christmas boots hanging on the wall where Santa Claus usually leaves the gifts when they are small packages and here you can implement the red color for the boots and different tonalities for packages and appliques such as bows, candles and mistletoes.

Christmas coloring pages 10

Another image of Santa Claus to be able to paint his red hat and his face with yellow or light brown color, where he mainly leaves the white of his mustache and beard. It is a good image to cut with scissors after it is printed.

Christmas coloring coloring pages 3

The Snowman It is always white, although for children they can use their imagination and paint it as a practical activity of any color. To vary the craft they can cut, print but also apply a string or piece of wire to then paste and hang as a Christmas ornament.

To give more consistency to the drawing can be glued with paper glue on a cardboard or cardboard after being cut the model.

Christmas drawings coloring 1

Another fun Santa Claus but that brings a bag of gifts very big and with beautiful stars to decorate and in his hand a small Christmas tree.

Santa Claus with a Christmas tree coloring

Ideal illustration to cut with the scissors and practice the precision of the child or girl on these characteristic elements of Christmas that can also be painted as the bell, boot, candy cane, tree, gift package, lit candle.

Christmas drawings for coloring and printing

Christmas drawings to color

Finally I leave this snowman that I liked a lot since it has a very nice hat and scarf in the drawing and especially the snow symbol that can be colored in light blue, yellow or blue.

christmas drawings coloring snow muneco

Christmas drawings with color (colored, colored)

These colored Christmas drawings that have many colors can be a good option if you have a color printer to print and then cut children.

You can use the illustrations to decorate different parts of the home or to make a Christmas card that surely your children will love and cheer.

This beautiful drawing of the snowman brings joy with its black galley and red ribbon, with its bell that sounds in the Christmas night and its scarf of green and red colors that are interspersed in different lines.

His carrot nose can not miss and his buttons on his great body of snow.

Christmas drawings with snow doll color

You can also download to your desktop or your phone and then print the way you want where you can cut out the different objects that represent Christmas as it may be.

The candles painted red, the packages with striking wrappings in this green case and a big bow of reddish ribbon but there are also the caps, boots and different details characteristic of Christmas.

christmas drawings with christmas color

A funny Christmas bear wearing a Santa Claus hat as a gift to other teddy bears in his Christmas bag.

christmas drawings with color christmas bears

Santa Claus or Santa Claus as you call it will always appear by the fireplace but do not worry if you do not have the magic you use you can enter to leave the packages in any other way, through a window or through a door.

christmas drawings with color santa claus fireplace

A sweet and funny reindeer that takes Santa to the adventure of delivering all his gifts in a timely manner.

christmas drawings with reindeer color

Another of the reindeer of the Christmas sledge but in this case if you want to download it for free in a minimalist way.

Christmas drawings with minimalist reindeer color

Here you have a goblin and another reindeer with a nice smile for the union that links them to be the helpers of Santa Claus

Christmas drawings with color reindeer and santa

This polar bear I really liked to use as a Christmas card in a dedication if you want to send by twitter or upload to your instagram or facebook.

christmas drawings with color santa claus polar bear

Christmas drawings of trees

A very nice Christmas tree where you can decorate in different colors the Christmas balls that are used as appliques in different parts of the tree from the bottom to the top.

It can be in the same range of colors, red, gold, silver, with glitter and glue, or by painting the garland of another color, green or red, which is very characteristic of the date. You can replace the gold if you do not have yellow.

Christmas tree drawings coloring gifts

In this tree you have the advantage that the outline are thicker black lines but you can also use it to cut if you want it, besides the trace of the marker or temperas that is used as colored fibers can be easier for children in these holidays.

drawings of trees christmas coloring snow

Many ornaments in this Christmas tree where Santa Claus will be able to leave your gift with a yellow star that will shine throughout the night and you can also add colorful lights and red and white candy canes so characteristic.

drawings of trees christmas coloring

Blushes of colorado and snow of white color can give you a return to your imagination to decorate these beautiful drawings but above all has the characteristic of having many gift packages where the packages can be of different tones that you can decorate.

Christmas tree to paint

Christmas drawings of reindeer

These beautiful Christmas drawings to print and then paint with brushes and fibers can be a good idea for the little ones since you have the possibility to show them the names of the helpers that they carry in their sleigh to Santa.

Names of Reindeer of Santa Claus: Rodolfo, Thunder, Kite, Acrobat, Playful, Cupid, Brioso, Dancer, Lightning

christmas drawings reindeer without background

This drawing has greater reality than the previous one and the good thing that is surrounded by the symbols of the snow to paint with blue and leave the background blank.

christmas drawings reindeer flying

Here you have another of the Christmas drawings to draw easily since on the one hand you can color with brown but also on the other you learn the letters to paint them on the inside.

coloring pictures reindeer coloring drawings of christmas reindeer

Stars and colored balls can accompany this animation of a very funny reindeer with hat.

christmas drawings reindeer

Very tender this face of a small little one with its horns to paint and surprise your friends if you wish with a beautiful dedication.

christmas reindeer christmas drawings

Christmas drawings of bells

The Christmas bells are a classic element that can not be missed in the collection of drawings to print for your children while they wait for the night. That is why I leave you one of the best selections where you can find bows to paint, mistletoes and ribbons that decorate every detail of The bells.

christmas bells coloring big christmas bells coloring

In these two bells that can be hung as a Christmas ornament you can see that the lines of the contours are thick which gives you the possibility of doing an activity so that the little ones do not have to go over the black line when painting the bells of yellow, bow of the bow of red and if you want some detail of some other color with tempera or watercolors.

christmas bells to color for drawings of christmas bells to paint

This bell design has the advantage of being different with many tracings from triangles to paint in different colors and shades to circles that can be precious brilliant. The same happens with the bow that has a very nice knot with ribbons and outlined to decorate as you like.

Coloring cloche noel 7.JPG

This is another model in which we have bells with their original decorations where you will also find circles for coloring and original designs with their particular Christmas decorations.

christmas drawings with bells

Looking for a bell that has an extreme detail I found this one that can be for bigger children who want to paint as if it were a mandala but in the form of a bell.

christmas bells flowers

Christmas drawings by pencil

These drawings in black pencil are for teenagers or larger children who want to have a model or sketch to copy and replicate.

For example, this beautiful landscape represented by snow from a city in front of a lake serves as a Christmas card or postcard.

Since in addition to being very original it has a degree of detail of the dark tones from black to light gray incredible.

drawings pencil christmas snow 40

Another of the drawings made with pencil and an excellent calligraphy is the famous phrase "MERRY CHRISTMAS" but in English it would be "MERRY CHRISTMAS" that can be used as a model to trace or to color if desired.

Besides being an excellent Christmas postcard to write a phrase with the dedication that you want.

merry christmas 20499

This famous character of Jack who took over Christmas in cartoons and animations can also be a faithful Christmas representative, with his smile so characteristic where Halloween and Christmas mix.

christmas drawings to pencil world jack

Olaf the funny character of Frozen is present with a simple layout as you can see two balls of different sizes to make the body and his head with a Santa Claus hat.

christmas drawings olaf

To finish this incredible illustration where the detail and shading is highlighted with snow as the main feature.

drawings made snow christmas pencil 29

Nightmare drawings before Christmas

As you can see the drawings on Christmas can be of different themes and issues to perform especially if you want to do an activity with crafts or to simply use as a card and send your friends.

In this case you can see the cartoon image of Jack Skellington that became very popular especially on Halloween and Christmas night for his personality.

jack skellington wallpaper

Here you can see with a smile a little more evil but with his faithful pet dog named Zero who is a ghost that always accompanies him.

drawings nightmare before christmas zero

Sally is the female protagonist who can never be by her side when love is stronger than any kind of belief.

drawings nightmare before christmas love

Another very nice postcard that if you have a girlfriend or couple for this Christmas you can dedicate a nice message of love and peace if you saw this movie together.

nightmare drawings before christmas

Other characters from the same animated movie that can help you if you're a fan for this Christmas.

Christmas drawings to trace

These images can be a good inspiration to start teaching the little ones how to trace.

Since with a model of Christmas image how are you that I leave you can print them and then with a sheet of tracing go by the line of the silhouette that corresponds and make the same image of the Christmas mold that you like.

All these Christmas drawings for children you can use them to practice that you do not leave the marked line mainly.

With a tracing sheet you can have these candy canes that are usually red and white but you have the detail of the bow to decorate as you want.

drawings for tracing christmas canes

The boot of the Santa Claus costume can never be missing as an element for Christmas and where to find plenty of gifts to be surprised according to what they chose in the Christmas card.

I recommend painting it red and then the packages, socks and different accessories of gold and silver colors.

Christmas tracing drawings Christmas boot

The Christmas wreaths will never be missing from the doors of homes, with a nice face of Santa Claus and some small Christmas balls.

drawings for tracing Christmas wreath

Another of the Christmas drawings for preschool can also be the manger that is represented so much when this date arrives where the family is reunited.

The characters in the manger are The Three Wise Men of the East, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, the shepherds.

drawings for tracing Christmas crib

To finish I leave you a very funny star and you have a happiness to celebrate Christmas with your hat that surely can serve you to trace.

Christmas star

Christmas drawings to paint on canvas

Now to finish it, I'll leave you Christmas drawings to embroider on canvas or you can paint with watercolors to use on clothes that you see relevant.

A Christmas candle is a clear example that you can use with the appliques of the bells for a tablecloth for example.

Christmas candle drawing for fabric

Another detail is the poinsettia flower that is usually sewn on the fabric or painted in a red color as it is characteristic of these dates.

drawing christmas fabric flowers

The snowman if you want a fun and childish detail for your home decoration for Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve.

drawing christmas fabric wrist snow

And the famous reindeer can never be missing to embroider in tablecloths, curtains or any detail that has fabric.

Christmas drawings to paint on canvas

Well, dear reader, I hope you have enjoyed all these Christmas drawings to share with your loved ones and spend a nice night with your family.

Share if you want to be happy on this beautiful date and you get beautiful gifts.

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