Clara Morgane adopts the makeup trend that is all the rage

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Clara Morgane adopts the makeup trend that is all the rage

Clara Morgane participates in the tenth season of Dance with the stars, currently broadcast on TF1 in which she forms a dance duet with the professional Maxime Dereymez. The 38-year-old mother blossoms and evolves premium bonus in front of her fans who support her.

On Instagram, the candidate posted a picture of her after the show where she poses with Maxime Dereymez. A cliché having been liked more than 10,000 times where she appears more beautiful than ever with a very trendy make-up: a line of colored liner.

The eyeliner is a basic makeup because it allows to give a long aspect to the eyes. He also accentuates the look and gives him some depth. For some time, the black liner is adorned with colors: electric blue, lilac ... There is something for everyone! Here, Clara Morgane decided to adopt a silver sequined version which highlights his eyes and makes his make-up bright.

How to adopt the trend of colored liner?

First of all, it is important to learn how to apply the liner. And this is not an easy task since it requires great precision. The trick? Make two dots that indicate the end of the comma at the outer corner of the eyes, then draw a line from that point to the end of the eye. Then, connect the point to the flush eyelashes of the eyelid and fill the whole.

Once the method acquired, you are ready to adopt any color ofeyeliner. Black brings intensity to the look while the chestnut is softer. If you want to bet on originality and trend, let yourself be tempted by metallic liner, golden or blue. Match the chosen color with the rest of the make-up by staying sober at the mouth, or on the contrary by giving even more pep by associating them with a bright color. Are you going to test?

>> Discover the photo of Clara Morgane here

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