Clear skin: which lipstick to choose?

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Clear skin: which lipstick to choose?

A fuchsia lipstick for diaphanous skin

Raspberry, grenadine or fuchsia, the roses supported are perfect to wake the very clear complexions. Wear with a petal blush, for a harmonious rendering, and a line of fine liner on the eyes that discreetly underlines the look.

The right product : Smooth Color Lip Pencil, Fruit Punch, Studio Makeup, € 14.99.

A peach lipstick for golden skin

This transparent shade enhances the natural color of the lips while bringing radiance to the complexion. With its apricot sub-tones, it highlights the golden or tanned skin. To avoid on a complexion ebony or métisse.

The right product : Make Me Happy, Tender Coral, Marionnaud, € 12.99.

A rosewood lipstick for matte skin

Ideal for highlight the brown Mediterranean complexion, this very soft rose brings a touch of freshness to the face. Choose one or two shades darker than the natural color of the lips to bring relief.

The right product : Peach Kiss Lipstick, Happy Makeup Me, Too Faced, 23 € at Sephora.

A poppy lipstick for fair skin

This pepsy shade is even more beautiful if you have freckles. To avoid making false steps, do not forget the eyelids and enhance the complexion with a veil of bronzing powder.

The right product : Color Rich Lipstick, Coral Red, L'Oreal Paris, € 12.50.

The make-up advice and more

Privilege a lipstick creamy or satinythese textures bring more brilliance than a matte finish. Prefer bright, shimmering shades rather than dark tones that seem to refine the mouth.

Thanks to Samira Ezzine, Studio Makeup make-up artist.

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