Coaching dermato: help, my skin becomes dry!

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Coaching dermato: help, my skin becomes dry!

After 50 years, the skin becomes drier, less elastic, more prone to irritation and itching. The usual cream does not bring enough comfort. On the face or the body, try a "special dry skin" treatment, richer in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients. But that still is not enough to avoid that it frogs, that it pulls. Unpleasant but inevitable, dry skin has taken its places. The epidermis normally has the ability to capture moisture to ensure hydration, but it does not play its role very well in older people. In question, a drop in the hormonal secretion that dries the skin and the aging of cutaneous cells whose hyaluronic acid is not enough enough to trap the water molecules in the epidermis. Solar radiation also aggravates dehydration over the years by damaging the collagen fibers, elastic, skin, which further promotes the loss of water.

I spot the symptoms!

The skin pulls, scrapes, itches sometimes even strongly (it is called pruritus) on certain areas of the body such as the legs. It changes appearance: more often rough, chapped (scabs, possible formation of crevices), it peels (desquamations) and may present calluses. Wrinkles and wrinkles appear more visibly than on well hydrated skin.

Dry skin: I treat long-term

One regains comfort and elasticity through a routine of daily care, because only the regularity pays. The right gestures begin as soon as the face is cleansed, preferably with a mild cleansing milk, oil or micellar lotion, without scents or dyes, dry skin that does not support the soap or the alkaline substances found in many washing products.

I bet on the right components

For optimum hydration, it is better to choose a moisturizing active ingredients treatment, for example based on urea (type Eucerin UreaRepair), a compound that our own body manufactures and that enriches some treatments by 5 to 30%. Creams rich in hyaluronic acid (Sérénage or Avène PhysioLift in particular) also give good results: they create on the epidermis an aqueous film that regenerates the skin and reduces wrinkles. Like those with ceramides (for example CeraVe), lipids naturally present in the dermis that form the cutaneous barrier essential to maintain the hydration of the skin. It is essential to use on the body a surgras soap or a soap free gel and then cream with a milk or a very moisturizing and nourishing balm (La Roche-Posay Lipikar type) which fights the itch as a bonus.

I avoid drought

Ban aggravating factors such as dehydration (drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water, that's good!), Air too hot (beware of overheated rooms) or cold and dry (we cover well in winter) , exposure to the sun (SPF 50 anti-UV cream and ample clothing and covering austerity). A two to three month course of dietary supplements based on borage oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids also helps to nourish the skin from the inside, for example during the critical period of winter.

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⋙ How do I know if my skin is dry or dehydrated?

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