Coat: when and how to wash it?

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Coat: when and how to wash it?

Impossible to consider a single winter without him. Even equipped with a jacket and even convinced of fashion and trend power of the said jacket, we do not know more warm and prettiest to go through the months of December, January and February while staying well dressed. Class what. Except that wearing it almost every day, we forget that a coat - even black, even dark - gets dirty too!

When to wash his coat?

Right now ! In other words, from the return of the sunny days, between March and June according to the vagaries of the weather.
The most common mistake: forget it in the back of his closet as soon as spring returns. Worse: take advantage of turnover between winter business and summer business to fold in the bottom of a box thinking that we will look after it once summer is over.
The risk ? Your seemingly clean coat (but actually a little dirty for being worn for most of the season) will not miraculously cleanse itself and the grime encrusted in its fibers will become tougher as the days go by.

Coat: how often do you wash it?

If you have not spilled over all the winter, if you have not stuck against a wall a little too dirty, washing it once a year should be enough. The coat never comes into direct contact with the skin, it is protected from bad odors and possible traces of perspiration.

Tip number 1 : to avoid wear too fast, it is better still not to wear it 7 days a week in winter and to alternate with other warm jackets.
Tip number 2 : to avoid all bad smells encrusted (the tobacco on the terrace of a coffee, the griddle in a brewery ...), also take the habit of suspending it in the open air (on a terrace, a balcony or even in front of a window ajar) ) every night for a few minutes.

Coat: how to wash it?

Before entrusting it to a pressing or sliding in the drum of the washing machine, it will already have to deal with the dust present in its fibers and possible tasks.
For dust, it's simple: a small brush stroke from top to bottom should do the trick.
For the tasks, a little water mixed with a special laundry delicate linen (or with a soap of Marseilles, real truth) delicately tapped on the fabric (ESPECIALLY NOT FROTTER, the wool risks to "cardboard") should come to small traces of daily soiling, often present at the neck and wrists.

Coat: all precautions to be taken before washing

1: We make the bottom of the pockets to make sure nothing hangs around. An old forgotten paper handkerchief and that's the assurance of ending up with a coat riddled with tiny pieces of white paper all shredded everywhere.

2: It removes all the removable parts that it can present: hood, collar, lining, etc.. Washing separately damages the linen less and avoids disasters (you never know, the fur lining could rub off on the outer fabric of the coat ...).
3: If you machine wash it, take a look at the drum story that nothing else hangs inside. And do not forget to check the recorded program: the wool coat will not survive at a temperature above 30 °. Ultimate precaution: one zaps the spinning step which will be too violent for the form and material of the coat.

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