Coats, small jackets and short jackets: 20 ultra-trendy models for the summer of 2019

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Coats, small jackets and short jackets: 20 ultra-trendy models for the summer of 2019

Essential allies of spring, the jackets, jackets and small short coats are declined to infinity, offering as much possibility to perfect a look as of define a style. To create a look casual, rock or sophisticated, follow the guide.

The bombers

It marries all styles, it's our darling of the season, if you do not have it yet it's time to get one. He will follow you all day without any taste. Wear it on jeans, with cigarette or 7/8 th pants. It will elegantly overcome a pants combination for evening. Adapt your accessoirisation and voila!

The spencer jacket

More classic but still very elegant, this jacket will accompany all your chic outfits. Think about it to dress up a cocktail dress or warm up all your formal wear. But you can also wear this "conventional" jacket in a more casual way by combining it with simply frayed jeans, or white pants.

The jacket "Perfecto" style

Whether leather or imitation we particularly like this revisit rock & roll that you wear with a bohemian dress for more femininity. This Perfecto does not leave us anymore it became a basic wardrobe. Sometimes rock, bohemian or casual this jacket is no longer confined to one style. He gets married with everything and we want more!

The suede jacket

This mid-season bomber par excellence will warm us just right while giving us a stylish look. The suede gives an ultra chic effect to the aviator jackets, and we particularly plebiscite this short cut that gives beautiful proportions to the silhouette. To be adopted without hesitation.

A great timeless classic of our wardrobes that we always have as much pleasure to find it season after season. Sometimes in faded jeans or in pastel shades or bi-colored, this is the clothing that we can do without. It makes a timeless and modern spirit breathe on all our outfits. And its short version makes us gain height and lengthens our silhouette. Small templates will love!

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