Coloring: 20 sweeps hops to adopt for summer 2019

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Coloring: 20 sweeps hops to adopt for summer 2019

Ideal for brighten hair dark blond, light brown or dark blonde, the blond sweep is very trendy in summer. It can be realized in different ways, to bring a more or less intense result, but also for structure the face or give more depth to roots. Discover our tips to wear it well.

Partial scanning for a subtle effect

The blonde locks can be placed on strategic areas of the hair to create all kinds of effects. Applied subtly on the lengths and ends, they offer an effect shadow very trendy. Deposited on the locks of the contour of the face, they illuminate the features and offer a youthful effect. Applied by small touches on the lengths and ends they bring more volume with fine hair and illuminate the colors a little dark.

The sweep on the whole of the hair

The sweeping can also be done on the whole of the hair for brighten and brighten it up more. Depending on the selected reflections, you get a nice golden blond or a very intense blond ash. The trick to obtain a natural result: to deposit the locks a few centimeters after the roots. This creates a depth effect and thus brings more than volume to the hair.

Maintain your sweep

Since the hair is chemically bleached, it is important to maintain them with specific products to prevent them from turning yellow or green. For this purpose, regularly use shampoos and purple care. Also remember to feed your lengths and tips with the help of masks repairers to keep a bright and silky sweep.

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