Coloring at home: 10 tips to achieve it as a pro

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Coloring at home: 10 tips to achieve it as a pro

Every year in France, it's close to 315 million hair colorations which are sold. This staggering figure reveals that 44% of French women color their hair in the living room or at home. If the practice is popular it requires some dexterity, especially when choosing to dye the hair alone at home. Before starting the transformation, a few things must be taken into account:

- Do not believe that we can go from brown to blond alone. This discoloration / coloring request professional know-how and it is essential to perform in salon, otherwise we take the risk of irreparably damaged hair.

- Always apply its color over a sink or bath, it prevents leakage on the floor or furniture.

- Wear latex gloves (usually supplied with the dye boxes) to avoid direct contact of the product on the hands.

- We wear an old t-shirt or better, an apron for avoid contact with the skin.

- We prepare a good makeup remover or wipes to eliminate any overflow of staining on the epidermis.

10 tips for successful coloring at home

1 / Choose a color faithful to its natural shade

Hair coloring at home is usually used to mask white hair. The idea is to choose a color that is as close as possible to its original color to avoid boundaries and keep a natural look. How to choose? By taking a lock of hair and comparing it to the color proposed on the box.

2 / Long hair is the double dose

Attention, a single box of dye may not be sufficient if we have in the idea of color all the hair, especially if the lengths reach the hollow of the kidneys! We play the security card and we buy two boxes. In this case, it is better than not enough and if there are any more, it will be one less trip for the next time.

3 / Always test the color before dyeing all the hair

To avoid unpleasant surprises and even if we are sure to have chosen the right shade, we test the color on a few strands taken at the neck, for example. We wait a few minutes for a faithful result and we start if the color is suitable.

4 / Do not mix the colors

One can be tempted to do so to imitate a colorist and hope for an original result but mixing two different colors is absolutely forbidden at home. Firstly this kind of colorations are not made for, secondly the experience of a colorist it comes from a complete formation that we do not have.

5 / Transfer the coloring solution to a bowl

This time we can take inspiration from the colorist. For avoid the disaster and the risk of staining, transfer the color into a bowl before using it. The gesture will be much simpler and more precise.

6 / We color roots to tips

The right thing to do is to cut the hair in six parts then from the root to the tips with the brush. Why ? For a more homogeneous rendering and a clearer visibility of the final result.

7 / Bring two mirrors

The idea of two mirrors is rather ingenious since it allows to have a global vision of the coloring with a view back and front at the same time. With that we are sure not to miss.

8 / Use a toothbrush

It's not that improbable and it's very practical. The toothbrush acts as an ideal brush when you want to create reflections with a lighter shade. The narrow head of the brush will color some brown hair to a highlight effect more pros.

9 / Cover everything with a bathing cap

The accessory is usually provided with the color box, however if it is not so it is good to have at home a bathing cap. The idea is to cover the color and let her rest for a good hold on the hair and go about her business.

10 / Space shampoos as much as possible

For the coloration to last as long as possible, care should be taken to space shampoos. In fact, the minerals contained in water tend to strip stains, as do the products present in shampoos (especially those containing sulphate and silicone). The trick is to use dry shampoo between two washes to be able to space them without being bothered by greasy hair.

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