Coloring: what are the true colors of the stars?

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Coloring: what are the true colors of the stars?

False blondes ...

Go to blond. This is what decided to make several celebrities like Drew Barrymore or Kate Moss. They traded their jet lengths against dark blonde hair or platinum blond hair. But get a nice material light from brown or brown hair is not easy because you need them discolor.

This process is enough aggressive and should be done by a professional ideally. It better manages the exposure time and the result is more harmonious. If you are dark blondit will take on average 2 or 3 appointments at the hairdresser to get clear.

... but also fake brunettes and redheads

To darken his hair is not trivial: the brown colorations to brown they tend to harden facial features. So be careful to make the right choice.

Others preferred to adopt red: a color sexy, ultra glamorous and current. We love !

Discover the true hair color of the stars

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And you, which one will you do?

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