Contraception: 5 tips to choose the one that suits you best

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Contraception: 5 tips to choose the one that suits you best

Some women swear by the pill. Others, on the contrary, are followers of the IUD. In France, we are lucky to have the choice between a wide variety of contraceptives and most of them reimbursed by social security. But in the course of life, contraception evolves. According to the meetings, desires of pregnancy, hormonal upheavals but also possible medical contraindications.

Choose your contraception: ask the right questions

Before you decide, it is important to make a point on your desires and your way of life.

If you do not want to take hormonal contraception, or you can not for medical reasons (for smokers aged 35 or with a history of cardiovascular problems), the possibilities are: the male condom, the condom female, the diaphragm, the IUD or copper IUD, the cervical cap (which should be used with spermicides for better efficacy).

  • I want to protect myself without thinking

For you, out of the question of having to think every day to take the pill, let alone stop you in the heat of the action to look for a condom. Fortunately, there are very effective methods of contraception that are completely forgotten. This is particularly the case of the contraceptive implant (with a lifespan of 3 years) and the IUD, whether it is copper (can stay up to 8 years) or hormonal (5 years).

  • I want contraception that is as effective against STDs

When talking about contraception, it's always worth remembering that a lot of contraceptives are not effective against STDs. If you want to combine the two effects, you will have to use the male condom or the female condom.

Contraception: take stock of your personal and emotional situation

The choice of a contraceptive must also be conditioned to your love situation. Are you single or in a relationship? If you are in a relationship, are you in a stable relationship with your partner? If you are single, do you have regular sex (with multiple partners?) Or on the contrary infrequent? So much question that it is imperative to ask yourself before choosing a method of contraception.

Choose a contraception according to your age

A doctor will not prescribe the same contraception to a teenager as to a woman over 40 who has already had children. For a first contraception, the most relevant is to associate the pill with a condom. After pregnancy, the choice is more extensive: micro-progestative pill, in agreement with the doctor, copper or hormonal IUD from 1 month after delivery, condoms. For a woman who is getting older and does not want another pregnancy, the IUD, the implant, the patch or the contraceptive ring should be recommended instead.

Watch out for natural contraception methods

Natural contraceptive methods are on the rise: withdrawal, OGINO method, Billings method, temperature control ... More and more women want to regain control of their bodies and their sexuality by refusing hormonal contraception. But beware, these methods have a relative efficiency! Based on a particular attention to the body, it is good to remember that nothing can distort the texture of the cervical mucus or the body temperature. In addition, there are very effective hormone-free contraceptives, so it's better not to take a chance.

Take advice from a professional

Are you unsure about the ideal method of contraception? A general practitioner, a gynecologist or a midwife are perfectly qualified to answer all your questions. Let's add that your doctor generally knows your background and lifestyle and will therefore be able to guide you.

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